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FrostytheSnowman: Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …

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Frank26: Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTFAlways.com!

Today is Monday, June 26, 2017

We have a storm coming thru our area tonight, so our call may be short tonight.

A lot has happened in the last few days, so kick-back and relax.

Tonight we will cover 4 reports/files … about 10 different subjects … and 7 of them are new to most people.

Last time we made a LIST of things that are CONVERGING between the 26 to the 30th of June.

This whole CC is in my opinion … solely in my opinion … my freedom as an American citizen.  This is a speculative investment.

The UN – they might give Iraq CHAPTER VII.

The UN told Iraq to pay attention to the IMF.

The escrow money will gladly be released once they comply.

The Iraq Stock Exchange is closed for an entire week … in the middle of the year.  Strange.

Abadi has returned home from his Middle East tour.

Mosul … should be liberated soon.

EID – timing.

The CBI … they have done some interesting things.

Delta came on to the forum and made a post … talked to me around 3am telling me that the CBI changed their website.  This is why Delta spends 24/7 on the CBI website.  Delta is very sharp and he can interrupt things for us.

Delta says that he can’t access certain things.  He said that on Wednesday, they noticed a change and then all of the sudden the website changes.  Curious.

The bottom of the spreadsheet showed .94 cents.  It was .87.  It went up … and we told you about this pattern on the 12th of May.

On the 12th of June … the number changed.

This is a gradual process in lifting the 3 zeros.  Not all 3 zeros have been lifted yet … but tonight I will show you the 3rd.

As you know, they did 2 zeros … and the 3rd zero will include the inflationary factor.

The CBI website has new data.

No more “buy and sell” – just one rate.

There is also a CURRENCY CONVERTER on the website.

Is this confusion … stupidity?  This is the monetary reform in action.

It is still at a program rate … as they are not completely done with the website.

Things are happening at a faster pace now.

Last Wednesday … or Thursday … we talked about it on TeamChat … the auctions that were being piggybacked are now being done for the whole week.

The CBI asked the banks for the currency they needed on the 18th – a week in advance.

.87 cents … .91 cents … .94 cents … on the way to .99 IMO.

What is your opinion of my opinion?

As of now … IMO … you are going to see a LOT of international talk.

NOTE:  The translation of these articles will be confusing.

Every 30 minutes the CBI’s website is being updated / changing.

They came up with a 8-9 day HOLIDAY combination.  An official holiday of about 9 days.
This is another step in the monetary reform.

IMO … they are NOT changing the website for the program rate!!!

You know those light bulbs that light up above your head?

This should turn one on.

About a year ago, Delta and I told you that when we would see a CHANGE in their exchange rate … we would see the CBI website change.


The website needs NEW CONTENT … and this is why Delta watches the CBI website 24/7.

This “new” CBI website would NOT be hosted in Houston either.  TA-DA!

Write this down … 9 DAYS … it started on Friday.  The official holiday started on the 26th (today).

Friday (last Friday) … Saturday, and Sunday – they are NOT open.

M, T, W, Th … same thing .. they won’t do anything on Friday.

What is Sunday?  The 2nd of July.

This is the perfect time for them to finish the monetary reform … IMO.

These 9 days … which contain the 26th to the 30th … IMO … this is perfect.

Maybe they’ll come back with new numbers for their currency … maybe that’s why there isn’t anything for the indicative rate area.

There are no auction.  This whole week was piggy-backed way in advance.

Abadi has been on TV a lot … mainly talking about Mosul.

This website … by the way … is “international” style class … modern … updated.

Before they change the rate … they had to change the website.

While Abadi was touring the Middle East … and when he stopped in Iran … the VISA restriction with Iraq/Iran was handled.

Trading in old currencies IQD and Rial … (currency swap) – hummmm … Article VIII?????   Program rate with Iran who is not?  LOL!

This is the very first time our Team is seeing these 2 countries (Iran/Iraq) talk about their currencies.  What the FRANK is going on here?  Sworn enemies … but really … Iran … you’re asking Iraq to swap a worthless currency???


This new CBI website was a total overhaul!

This website was supposed to happen at the beginning at 2016.

They expected to be in their new CBI building in December.

The building (shaped like a peanut) … what’s up with that?  We’ll talk about that later.

They have a new building, new website, currency converter … shouldn’t they have a NEW RATE?

IMO … Iraq must have lifted the restrictions on their currency.

This is very encouraging.

We’re just waiting for them to lift the value of their currency – and I pray that is what they are doing.  There is nothing left to do!

They just need to show us the new rate so they can stop pretending that they have an international rate/status.

We are still on course!

The budget will be happy … yes it was delayed.

CBI server … is no longer in Houston … it’s in Iraq.  They are TOTALLY international.  No more CBI trustees to answer too.

Here’s another report/file … where WalkingStick and I had a conversation about the CBI website.  He agrees, it should have been done a year ago.  More info/data will be coming.

The building design … there are 3 “S’s” … it stands for the CORE VALUE of the people/government of Iraq.  The 3 S’s stand for SUSTAINABILITY, STABILITY, and SOLIDARITY.  That is a powerful statement.

WS thoughts/opinion of the new CBI website is nothing more than a NEON sign that Iraq is going in an international direction.  The international world knows things that we don’t know – things that are discussed in private meetings.

REMEMBER … SECURITY and STABILITY were paramount for Iraq to send a message to the international world!

You all remember my friend in Iraq (who owns a business) – who needed to pay 1,000 to 1.  The ratio was 90/10 …

(Sorry … audio breaking up).

This company was asked to send in their ledgers.

On the 12th of this month … we told you we believe they had lifted the 2nd zero.

Family … IMO … the evidence of this 2nd zero is coming.

In June … this company was told to pay their employees at 100 to 1 … and 100% in IQD.

No more foreign currency to be used for payroll.



The 3rd zero was when they got to .98.

This is amazing … this is the monetary reform.

This will help Iraq become more of an EXPORT country.

In the next 6 months … watch Iraq enter the WTO!!!!

The WTO wanted them to enter last year … but they hadn’t changed the value of their currency … yet.

This will help Iraq tremendously!

Right now … Iraq IMPORTS about 90% — that must be fixed.

Agricultural will help … and that’s why you are seeing more articles about that.

As far as “swapping” with Iran … there are many other countries that want to swap with Iraq.
Kuwait … swapping?  Humm … what a better country to swap with than a country that Iraq invaded.

This last ZERO … have you noticed that they are speeding up everything?  So … will they take up to the 12th to lift the last zero?  Maybe not!!!  Remember the 3rd zero … remember the pay scale example I gave you … LOL … AHHHHHH … this is getting better!!!!!

The 21st of July … the company had to turn in all of their reports/ledgers … all being put down electronically.

On TeamChat I shared with you … on the final zero … what are they telling them to do?  In the next week … “they are to reflect down to the tenth’s!”

1,000 to 100 … and now to the 10’s … on the next pay scale?  WHOA!!! That’s a new exchange rate!  LOL

Family … WalkingStick wants to tell you that when he disappeared for a little while it was for a ____ reason.

The LAVA FLOW is becoming more LIQUID … flowing very smoothly … faster.

The Financial Advisor (Saleh) … when they would lift the 3 zeros … the nation of Iraq would REQUIRE a NEW ACCOUNTING … (I have the article from 2012 and 2013).  The CBI website … TA-DA-FREAKIN’-DA!!!

Now … back to Delta’s report.  When Delta saw the new CBI website … he saw the 1.20.  Delta and I talked about that a long time ago.  Interesting that it showed up in the middle of the night when no one was paying attention.  You don’t make mistakes on a official central bank website.  Only the US Dollar and the Euro showed up.

Alak and Abadi … have done a job well done!!!

A rate change is all that is needed.

When you see Iraq, Iran and Kuwait talking … this will all make sense later.

July 12 … 3rd zero?

Remember … we told you … doesn’t it appear they are speeding things up.  The auctions compressed the month of June for a reason.

I told you it was 3 tranches of 30 days – because the IMF said so!

Market rate and official exchange rate … 2% in compliance.

Must hold international rate for 90 days to “reinstate” themselves.  BINGO!!!

IMF 90 day compliance … MISSION ACCOMPLISHED … IMO.

The CBI has and followed all instruction.

Maybe in August … when the IMF meets with them … they’ll get a 800 Million Dollar loan from the IMF.  Iraq should NOT wipe out all of their debt.  Debt is what creates a CREDIT RATING.  The loans are necessary so they can establish a good credit rating – allowing Iraq to make more money.

BTW … the “tenth’s” … (pay scale) … IMO … it just seems that that is the LOWER DENOMS and FILS.  Is this not the perfect time to do something?

The CBI is notifying everyone … all agencies … the clock is ticking NOW!

They are talking INTERNATIONAL now … on a currency level!

Can Iraq manage their debt without credit?  In today’s society … so necessary for a country that want to invest.

For those who questioned whether the CBI website was legit … well … you sure know how to help me keep my distance.

This was a clone … a twin … a second website … CBI hired a professional company to create this 2nd website … including currency conversions … a copy/duplicate off of the existing CBI website MINUS THE NEW MATH.

This is the host of the new CBI website.  This is a copy for the international world.

In my strong opinion … they weren’t supposed to show us this website … they were only supposed to show 1184 program rate … but IMO … we are so close … they might not care anymore.

This new website is the plan they agreed on.

No glitches on this CBI website … did you notice that?

The 1.10 … 1.20 that we’ve found in prices … this is NOT a mistake.

IMO – we are very close.

At the top of the host website … it shows the www address.

Here’s something else profound …

In our Final Articles thread … you can find this info about the announcement where Alak made the “postpone” announcement due to Mosul.  He said that when Mosul was done … they would go back to the topic of lifting the 3 zeros.  They did NOT postpone the monetary reform steps in the meantime.  WOW!

Abadi said they would be out of Chapter VII by the end of this month.

God only knows when this will happen and so Teams continue to study July 12-15th  but we don’t think they will run this out until the last nanosecond.

Annoucing Mosul … IMO … will be like announcing the RV because they are connected.

Here’s something else POWERFUL to think about.

Delta also found out something … posted it on the forum … Warka announced to their customers that have account that they were going to pay out INTEREST.

Here’s an Iraqi bank … telling customers they were going to pay interest … NOT on June 30th … but on the 25th (yesterday) … that was 7-8 days in advance.  So … why didn’t they wait until mid-year?

Why pay in advance these interest payment to their customers?

That creates a LIABILITY.

Every time on the past … it was done on the exact date … NOT in advance.  Today … on Monday … the articles shoved this info in our faces!

They were supposed to be closed on Saturday … and I guess they were because something happened … didn’t it?

Something is going on with the accounting methods in Iraq with the CBI and the GOI.

All of this has been aligning.

Why would Warka give free money for 7 days?  Makes no sense.

Approximately 5,000 investors are with Warka bank … mathematically … this makes no sense … it’s like they have “extra” money.

IMO … they are doing this because they are being told to.

The accounting will now be in the “tenth’s.”

So many things have changed.

EXAMPLE:  if you bought a new house/car.  The old contracts (trade-in) are paid off before a new contract is in effect.

Warka Bank … we have a statement from one of their members (we’ve blacked out their name/account info) – it shows the interest paid and the date.

I find it very interesting … the transaction date … (yesterday) … the account number, iBAN #, etc. … hum ….. shows July 2, 2017.  Interesting … the bank is closed between now and then.

I don’t know the date or the rate … all I know is what we are studying.

Here’s something else we’d like to add.

An article from the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) came out today … told all of the Central Banks to increase their interest rates.  When we saw that late last night, most of us didn’t say anything … but we as Teams began to smile.

Family … what did Warka bank do on Saturday?  Paid their account holders interest.  Wouldn’t it make sense to pay a week in advance … BEFORE it goes up?  (LIGHT-BULB)!

It appears that the BIS is “telegraphing” that something huge is about to happen.  They seem to know there will be a GLOBAL EXPLOSION as IRAQ dances a beautiful dance!

I don’t believe in coincidences.  The timing is amazing!

They can make Mosul announcement when they want … but from everything we see … Iraq is international.

This is AMAZING isn’t it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is so much fierce intel out there.

All we need is for them to lift the 3 zeros.

The citizens are being educated about the currency changes family … and confusing us.

We KTFA continue to educate you, just as Iraq educates its citizens.

We want you to leave a legacy.

We believe in this investment.

We want KTFA to lead souls to God with this stewardship.  That is our goal – to spread the word of God.

The legacy is YOUR beautiful children and grand-children that haven’t been born yet.

Your legacy is not a brand new car … a brand new home … we’re talking about a legacy that is last past us.

We need to do God’ work.

We have to outlive our dreams!

IMO … this week has a lot of buttons to push for the MR to come to life – it just makes too much sense of what they are doing with their monetary reform.

Internationalism is alive and well in Iraq – a new “atmosphere” – and we’ve shared many articles with you.

Samson (our newshound) POST #88 on yesterday’s thread …. Iraq … tender for wheat.

Tender is an “international” word family.  There is no skirting the issue.  It is what it is.

Delta also wanted to share one more thing about the BIS.

The BIS is the central bank of all central banks.

They are asking the banks to raise the interest rates to encourage customer to deposit money into accounts to earn higher interest.

Loans are made also based on the amount you have in a bank.

We have never seen … 3rd time tonight … the BIS do this.

Something MAJOR is about to happen economically.

The BIS has never done this.

Warka was smart enough to take advantage of it.

They know that people are about to spend a lot of money.

Something BIG is about to happen!

Here’s the clincher from Delta … they are not doing this for the heck of it.  Liquidity is short … so why … where is the logic to increase the interest rates?  You don’t do that when it to no benefit to you (the bank).

Don’t you agree?

Please send you LOVE and APPRECIATION to DELTA … he goes to great lengths to help and serve you!

How is Mosul?

It’s waiting for the RV … IMO.

Give me Mosul.  Give me Mosul.  Give me Mosul.

IMO … the MR will travel at the speed of light in the still of the night.

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