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Monday Night KTFA CC 8-6-18

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Don961:  How, in the name of religion, did Iraq’s oil revenues dissipate?

Tuesday, 07 August 2018

Adnan Hussein

Many people wonder how OPEC’s second-largest oil producer, Saudi Arabia, and the fourth-largest international energy producer can not afford enough electricity, but suffer a severe shortage. The national grid can not provide electricity for more than eight hours a day, In the summer of Iraq the flame ?!

This is compounded by the fact that the inhabitants of this country, the Iraqis, suffer from a severe shortage of drinking and drinking water in the summer, although there are two great rivers in their country, the Tigris and the Euphrates, which are credited with the development and development of three of the greatest civilizations in the world. History of mankind: Sumerian, Babylonian and Abbasid.

Iraqis, however, are not at all surprised. They see the eye and listen to the ear and realize how their billions of dollars of oil revenues, as well as hundreds of millions of dollars in customs, taxes and other revenues, evaporate from their state coffers.

The suffering of Iraq, which has been exacerbated in the last 15 years, is not limited to electricity and water. The public services system (health, education, housing, transportation, sanitation, etc.) is almost completely collapsed. Poverty is above 30% and unemployment is 20%. Periodically, as is the case now.

In all the escalating Iraqi public anger, the slogan of “combating administrative and financial corruption” has advanced all the demands that have now risen to the level of radical political and administrative changes to ensure that the state and its federal and local organs are competent and fair personalities who know how to invest Iraq’s great financial wealth in the development of And the welfare of the community and does not extend its hands to public money.

The current corruption is due to the extension of hands to public money with ease, ease and confidence without fear of calculation and punishment, and the hands are leaders and cadres of the ruling parties (mostly Islamic) To protect them and corrupt operations carried out with the knowledge and supervision of the leadership, in a number of meetings of the accountability of ministers and other senior executives held by the House of Representatives, which ended his mandate five weeks ago, revealed the existence of «economic committees» manages robberies of public money.

These committees were formed by influential parties in the state to work with ministers, heads of institutions and general managers of state departments, governors and provincial councils. It is known that these executive functions are shared by these parties according to the quota system, which gives each party a number of positions commensurate with the size of its representation in the federal parliament and the Kurdistan regional parliament and provincial councils.

These positions are binding on their parties, through the “economic committees”, to provide funds taken in the form of kickbacks (commissions) paid by companies and contractors who are awarded contracts for the implementation of public projects. Large commissions (millions and tens of millions of dollars) are often paid to personal accounts or to fictitious companies outside Iraq. as such

Most of these officials receive their own bribes, making millions of money and property within a few years.

Strict and shocking details have emerged in this regard through periodic reports by the Integrity and Parliamentary Integrity and Finance Committees, Of accountability and punishment. As a result of this, hundreds of important development projects have been disrupted. The Rishonim and the Rishonim, as the facts have shown, often share financial allocations for these projects. ?

The funds obtained by this picture are used by the parties to strengthen their influence in the state by winning more members and supporters and winning votes in the parliamentary and local elections. This was in fact a major looting, popularly known as the Farhud. It is now established that there are a few hundred billion dollars of state revenues. Before his death in late 2015, the head of the former parliamentary finance committee, MP Ahmad Chalabi, said that the amount of funds unknown is more than 300 billion dollars, and other sources estimated at 500 billion dollars, and according to some information that some of these funds found their way to Iran, which needed to Foreign exchange after economic sanctions imposed by the United States and other countries.

Last month, the Central Bank of Iraq (CBE) reported a total of US $ 706.23 billion in total foreign currency revenues during the years 2005-2017. A few days later, a member of the Finance Committee in the former House of Representatives Magda Tamimi, that the revenues of Iraq since 2004 until mid-2018 amounted to 1032 trillion and 207 billion dinars (about 900 billion dollars).

Critics of the current government and its predecessors argue that it has not built a factory, an agricultural project or a dam, nor has it established an international road or built a new international airport (with the exception of Najaf airport, which has been acquired and imported by Islamic parties) The five that dominate the provincial council of Najaf, and the government of Baghdad was able to take control of him only after the protesters swept him last month, demanding to change his corrupt party administration, which happened!). It is ironic that all the large economic and service projects that exist now are the legacy of the previous regimes, and even the governments after 2003 did not succeed even in the rehabilitation of the dilapidated of these projects.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of shocking facts that invariably provoke Iraqi anger at the powerful political class and its parties and the entire political process, but does not provide such anger to the United States and Britain, which led the process of arranging this political process and put it in the hands of Islamist groups that like those involved in successive protest movements to raise the voice In the faces with a shout of crossing: «Basim of religion Baqona (stole) haraam»!    link


Jay:  Iranian influence = shut down. <— Maliki done. = RI. Imo.

Imo. Dons post above is telling us Iran is neutered. Which means M is a non issue. Just be patient and wait for it. It’s a lot closer than we think imo.

Seated goi. Meaning a goi that was chosen has been done, IMO  since President Trump said…”We met the WINNERS of the election in Iraq.” The Ministers were already picked and APPROVED by the USA when Trump said that. Imo.

This election was like the announcement of Mosul. imo. Was Mosul done as was taught? I believe it was. Frank always says, It’s about timing. iho. Sooooo true. Election results have been done. Mosul HAD been done. WE JUST WAITED for them to tell us. <– timing. So nothig was gonna happen until they told us the election RECOUNT has been completed.

No worries about waiting until Thursday to hear the OFFICIAL results. We know the results.

WE NEEDED TO WAIT FOR THEM TO TELL US THE RECOUNT WAS OVER. Nothing was going to happen until then no matter how many weekends its called to happen. ITS ALWAYS been about ACTIONS & INK.

I said all this to say what?

Guys. Iran has been conquered by Trump. CBI is ready. ISX/ESX turning Global Wednesday. Wowzers.

August will be a really great month. ^^^ ALLL imo. Thank’s again Frank.

God bless.

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