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KTFA: Clare: Parliament postpones the session of the Food Security Law


The Iraqi parliament announced the postponement of its session on the emergency food security law, on Saturday.

A statement by the Parliament’s media department stated to Shafak News Agency; “At the request of some parliamentary blocs and for further consultations to mature the emergency support law for food security and development, and for the need for more time, it was decided to postpone tomorrow’s (Saturday) session.”


The statement did not specify any later date for the session   LINK 




DCDriver:  It’s seems like they put these initiatives forward to keep the Iraq citizens calm with no intention of following through until they are ready for the Big reveal. That’s my take anyway IMO


Clare:  Demonstrations in Basra to demand the completion of the Great Port of Faw




A number of demonstrators in Basra Governorate demanded, on Friday, the activation of the Silk Road Agreement and the completion of the Great Port of Al-Faw.


And the correspondent of “Mawazine News” stated, “Large crowds from various Iraqi provinces gathered in front of the gate of the General Company for Transport in Basra Governorate, calling for activating the agreement for the Silk Road and speeding up the completion of the Great Port of Faw.”    LINK


Clare: Sadiqoun: The Basra demonstrations to join the Silk Road are a people’s cry to reject the theft of wealth




Representative of the Sadiqoun bloc, Rafiq al-Salihi, described, on Friday, the massive demonstrations in Basra to demand the completion of the Faw port and the joining of the Silk Road project as “an uprising to reject attempts to steal the country’s wealth.”


Al-Salihi said in a tweet via Twitter, “The Basra uprising is the cry of a people who came out to correct a mentality that wants to abort the future of a country and defend the rights of generations, so let us say it all today with one voice, no to those who sold Iraq, no to those who stole our wealth.”   LINK




Clare:  The framework intends to conduct a “secret” visit to Najaf, bearing an initiative for Al-Sadr




A source in the coordination framework that includes Shiite political forces said, on Friday, that the framework intends to conduct a “secret” visit to the city of Najaf to meet with the leader of the Sadrist movement, with the aim of putting forward an initiative for it to get out of the political impasse and proceed with the formation of the new federal government, which was delayed for months. Several after holding early legislative elections in the country


The source told Shafaq News that a delegation from the Coordination Framework Command will go to Najaf on a secret visit to meet with al-Sadr.


He explained that the delegation would put forward a special initiative during its visit to Al-Sadr to resolve the political crisis and form a government.


Regarding the timing of the visit, the source, who asked not to be named, said that it was “unspecified”, but the purpose of this visit was to seek the formation of the government by the Sadrist movement’s bloc and the coordination framework.


On Wednesday, the fourth of May, the coordination framework announced the launch of a nine-point political initiative, accompanied by nine commitments to be implemented, similar in some terms to the previous Al-Hakim initiative.


It is noteworthy that the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, launched two initiatives to form the federal government, one of which announced its failure, which he granted to the coordination framework at the beginning of last April, and the other he launched to independent deputies on the third of this month, giving them 15 days to carry out the task of forming the government in cooperation with allies in The Triple Alliance (Save a Homeland) from the Kurds and Sunnis without representing the Sadrist bloc as ministers.


The dispute intensified between the two Shiite poles represented by the Sadrist movement, which won the highest votes in the elections that took place last year, and the coordination framework that includes blocs that expressed their rejection of the election results.


The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, insists on forming a majority government that seeks to exclude the leader of the State of Law coalition, Nuri al-Maliki, who served as prime minister for two terms.


On the tenth of last October, Iraq held early legislative elections to get out of a political crisis that swept the country after large demonstrations in the central and southern regions in 2019 in protest against the widespread unemployment in society, the spread of financial and administrative corruption in government departments and institutions, and the deteriorating reality The service and the livelihood, which prompted the former prime minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, to resign under popular pressure.


As soon as the preliminary results of the elections were announced, the voices of political forces and actors rose in their rejection of losing many seats, accusing them of major fraud in the ballot, which was denied by the executive and judicial authorities, at a time when the United Nations and international organizations praised the integrity of the electoral process.    LINK


MilitiaMan:  Not surprising at all.. The above SECRET VISIT is more support for the view the Independents are not on the coordination’s frameworks side of the sand box. Watch that 80 million bribe monies offered turn into a lot more to save some ones skin.. lol Fairly sure the 38 – 40 Independents is far more than what is needed.. imo ~ MM


Clare:  A deputy announces the formation of a front for independent representatives




Independent MP Yasser Watout announced today, Friday, the formation of a political front of independent representatives.


Watout said in an exclusive interview with “Mawazine News”, “The Front will announce tomorrow at 11:00 in the House of Representatives an initiative of its own in response to the political initiatives put forward by the blocs.”


He added, “The front consists of 38 to 40 independent deputies, and its name will be announced after the initiative is launched tomorrow.”   LINK

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