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Aggiedad77:  Hello Family here are the notes from the Wednesday Night CC……I would like to offer a great deal of gratitude to our Family member denaridori for such great help with the notes…that is appreciated…..please enjoy.   Aloha   Randy

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CC Notes for Wednesday 12-16-2015

Frank26:  When we were together with you a week ago last Monday…..we said why do we have to talk to you about the monetary reform. We said we’d talk to you if we see the lower denom’s and we told you we have suspicion more than likely between the 15th and the end of the year we might see those LD’s.

Well, I’m here to tell you that on this Monday, you need to read those notes

12-7-15   LINK

12-14-15 LINK
What happened this past Monday, again we said, we really shouldn’t be talking…..we already told you what’s happening based on what Dr. S said….sometime in mid-December he was going to try a float and introduce the LD’s.

Well, when we were with you on Monday – we told you something else….there at the US Embassy, but they have to be delivered to the banks by us….but first there’s going to be an auction that’s going to swing to the left and right – in volume. I’ll tell you the other caveat we left you with was if we see the LD’s, we’re going to tell you….you’re going to see them.

Then the other thing you were to pay attention to on Wednesday – today – they would pass the budget. So, here we are cutting our Business CC  a little shorter so we could talk to each other…..Everything is on course, not what we’ve told you but what Dr.S has told us…..they’re going to start a float.

Now, if you understand that he only gave you the basic elements…to start a float that means you have to get the program rate, walk out of the IMF, and be internationally recognized so you can start the float. LOL All of this requires some LAWS but we told you you’re not going to see this…and on the 31st, we told you, you should pay attention to 3 things on the 31st.

That budget is going to be released to their government…it’s going to be approved….it was already passed, but it’s going to be approved this coming Wednesday…and then right after the 31st when that clock rings, it’s going to be activated!! So there it is!! Just because he didn’t break it down the way we did doesn’t mean it’s not exactly as it is.

So, continue to pay attention to the auction….which we’ll talk about tonight.

Delta’s going to talk a little bit more about that budget.

The only thing that I have great interest in is what we’ve told you before. What’s in the budget….the reason other sites don’t talk to you about it is because they don’t know it….well they know it because they copy and paste it to their sites …we told you this over 2-3 months ago.

So what’s in the budget for 2016 for Iraq? — (Reading chats) – No, the rate isn’t in the budget – it’s going to be presented…No, it’s not the laws, it’s the laws that allows you to have a budget. Yes…it’s the HCL.

The Hydro Carbon Law – there’s 4 parts – and 3 of them have been used…we’ve talked about it so much…..it’s for selling oil inside and outside of Iraq. What’s the part missing? We have to turn this triton into a pitchfork that has 4 strong streams of revenue…the one missing is the one that belongs to citizens….what royalty will they get.

Family, they passed that budget today and it has the HCL inside it…and yes it has with a rider as a caveat to use it at anytime but they didn’t, did they? They’;re going to pull it the first of the next year I hope… the HCL – the 4th part of the HCL. You need a rate for that and that’s why it’s never been there before…never!

Have they told you the HCL is in the budget? My teams have told you….have they told you? To a degree they have. They call it the oil and gas law. They don’t have to tell you everything – it’s none of your business. Do you understand the proceedings of what’s going on now…What else will you see between the 31st – 1st probably around the 31 st or 1st – that trifacta:

1 – This budget
2 – The rate – it might be a 1:1 if it goes into an RV
3 – Tax and Tariffs – extremely important for that budget. You can’t avoid them with the budget – it’s to fuel the budget

What else did we tell you would happens between the 15-16-17th – Okay – the 15th we thought we’d see the tax & tariffs and then we said no you’re not going to see it until the end of the month – but WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO SEE ON THE 16TH? — We told you and we used keywords….before I tell you think about it.

I want you to count the number of times you see in your notes for all of 2015 the following words – keywords to you – THE KURDS ARE VERY HAPPY, FAMILY. (Yeah, he did …constantly LOL a—and that’s why you see we’re very happy today. We told you they were so happy for the budget to come out – we told you they’ve been quiet.

Well, you see why today – they got 17% like it was promised to them. What’s interesting is the government put out a lot of information today about the budget….one said we need to learn the important details in the budget of 2016…and when I read that when Walkingstick brought it to us – I said wow….how bold is that…because you don’t tell us anything that’s in there… the HCL is in there! LOL

Later on in that same long report it said….We expect the activation of the custom tariffs….Good grief!! Why…….because it’s the fuel of the budget. When do you think? Around the 31st – 1st.

Meanwhile, the former governor of the CBI who is now the economic advisor to Abadi and the GOI – Mohammed Ali Saleh…..he said IRAQ HAS TAKEN ALL ……I’m going to stop right there because Iraq has taken what….all the security?….all the cookies? All the steps? When you say ALL, that’s quite an accomplishment…quite a footprint.

So, this guy says how ya doing Shabibi…yeah, I’m good and I’m going to advise Abadi and the whole GOI. LOL What’s you got to say? IRAQ HAS TAKEN ALL PRECAUTIONS TO FACE THE DANGERS OF THE ECONOMISES OF 2016. – I agree!

And it started with security – then they gave us laws, didn’t you …in fact Aggiedad made you an amazing list on the last page of yesterday’s thread that’s an outline from the Monday night call.

Dr. Saleh you’re telling Iraq…You mean the CBI?….let’s say the two combined together.

You mean you won’t have any inflation? Oh nooooo.

You mean you’ll have new currency of LD’s – smaller ones?

You mean you’re going to have an international rate? Yeahh….
You mean you’re going to qualify for Article 8 from the USA? Yeahh….

Is that why the IMF turns to the US government and says to them…it’s your turn? — Yes, yes, yes.

By the way – I know this is for Delta….I just have to do this one time…! 81 TRILLION??? 81 TRILLION?? They don’t have that many dinars…at 1166 or excuse me 1182!! – in whose dreams and 17% is going to the Kurds. –Dream Kurds, dream!!

What?? WE’RE HAPPY – SHUT UP!!! — Okay – I tried to stop the itch but you guys approved the budget, man!! Don’t you understand that’s like Cap count….3-2-1 ignition.

IMO the 2016 budget is ignition for all they have prepared themselves for their economies.

Iraq…what’s in your house? Excuse me? What’s in your house? I suppose the same that’s in your Congress’ house. A BUDGET!! Yeah…LOL

Hey, USA…do you have a budget in dinars or USD’s? Hello…no comment? Okay!! LOL

I want this to end sooo bad….(apologize to those listening on the phone – lost the recording and don’t know when the phone went dead, my deepest apologies.)


So, tell me US Congress…You passed your budget…YES, Did you pass it with dinars or USD’s….No comment.

Tell me — Iraq, did you pass your budget? Yes. Did you pass it with USD’s or IQD’s? — IQD’S. Next question!

You know something…that is deep what I just gave you. It’s so deep it’s bottomless but I’ll never have the ability in my lifetime to explain this….never. Well, unless we walk privately on a beach somewhere.

CNN says that today they announced there’s definitely life on Mars …..and today the budget for both sides were established. And I’ll tell you one more time….Shabibi……will be there at the end.

So our TEAMS from Monday – we don’t get online and talk to each other by the way, but our intel is pretty much in line with what we’re seeing and what we’re teaching, wouldn’t you say?

Okay – Now I’m going to go into it a little bit deeper. …THE IMF COMPLETED……now, once again, pay attention to these words. These are not even translated…..THE IMF IN COMPLETED AN AGREEMENT to CONTROL IRAQ’S ECONOMY. Do you understand what that means? — Their currency, the value of their currency, inflation, their jobs…well, I’ll be darn! Everything’s about to explode.

What does it say? The IMF COMPLETED AN AGREEMENT – you mean a contract??


What they did family, they made it so their economy can EXPLODE..…not going to implode…and this is the contract we told you about that is finished…and that’s why whether you can see it or not see it, this is our business or none of our business – your gift to us is to pay attention to those options.

Now, in the last two days, the auctions have been averaging 3 million, but today they went up a little bit more…I told you that IMO any where between 3 – 10 was a low option and you saw 3 for 3 days and today you saw a lot of banks reporting asking for 6 million. Do you think those banks will ask for that tomorrow.

You see, we’re looking for the pendulum to go far left or to the far right so we don’t’ know what they’re doing….or they just do it all at once. There is also a third scenario…the one that you’re seeing. In Spanish we say…un pequito a la vez …? – In Hawaiian they’d say…I’ll see you in 5 Hawaiian minutes. …that usually means 30-45 minutes. Let’s put it this way – IMO, those LD’s are moving.


A council rep of the Presidency of Iraq said: WE MANAGED THE APPROVAL OF THE BUDGET IN RECORD TIME AND IN A SPIRIT OF COOPERATION….Why do I say this? That spirit of cooperation is a high form of security – and RECORD TIME? IMO they’re about 3 weeks ahead of our study and they’re constantly rubbing it in.

What did we tell you to look for on the 16th – Well, you said to look for the tax and tariffs on the 15th but changed it and said to look for the LD’s…and yeah, I think so, with that kind of a budget and auction we just talked about….then on the 16th —something else – use keywords:

Look for…..to go for a RATE HIKE…wouldn’t it be interesting to get a rate hike there and with the dinar simultaneously on the 16? What did we say would happen on the 16t? – Post it (chatroom) – Looks like you don’t know – it’s in your notes….

No – do not use the USD on Dec. 31st – What did we say between the 15th-16th – 17th? A rate change, but be more specific. We were…right on the money.

Whoa……Sharon B. …….Congratulations! ANOTHER FEATHER IN THE CAP FRANK 26,

ON Dec. 16th at 2pm EST, the FED RAISED THE INTEREST RATE BY 25%. WELL DONE!!!! You told me that on our phone conversation back on Dec. 5th while we were shopping at Walmart ….HA HA HA!!! (Frank shows his phone.) Yeah…..Yeah.

My opinion…both sides raised the rate today…..Thank God it’s just my opinion and we told you this a long time ago…and on this day, we also tell the IMF – sure, go ahead and give us a government overhaul. It’s our turn now.
– I’m done….I hope we hit the points hard.

DELTA is not going to talk that long – but he wants to tell you from his point of view about the budget, how it went through, the excitement, the unity, what’s in it…and to tell you the potential of what it could mean because it has to carry a new rate.


DELTA: Yes, it’s very good news…unbelievable…like they have said…expect the unexpected. The government of Iraq has a budget and before the end of the year, it’s a time…it’s amazing…the 81 trillion …it’s very significant for them to pass the budget.

A couple of days Maliki’s coalition was trying to stop the Kurds from getting 17% but thank God it wasn’t stopped…that could have been a problem and have more and more delays…but thank God everything’s working amazing towards our investment. And we all know the budget is very important.

So, what’s going to happen, some of you may know….Let me explain…..after the budget is passed in the Parliament…..it will go to the President and he has up to 15 days to ratify it and sign it……then send it to the Gazette, but this budget is going to be effective JAN 1, 2016…..this is really significant!

I was really so happy…..and my friend in Iraq, the media…..all of them are so happy. For the first time the Parliament passed the budget way ahead of time.

A lot of good stuff happened…..the budget passed for the first time – and the feds raising the interest ¼ %…..the reason they didn’t raise it because the US economy wasn’t strong??

But something big and huge is going to happen…..they don’t know about the IQD and are shocked as to what happened…..a lot of people don’t know that something big is coming soon which we all know is the IQD…and the most people hold dinars in the US…..as soon as people start talking about exchanging,…..it’s going to stimulate the economy buying houses, cars, employment…..and you’ll quit your job and other will fill your job…only those people holding dinar understand that.

Look at the action…..it doesn’t make any sense, but you, me and everyone who’s invested knows what’s going on. It’s amazing how when God opens everything….He’ll do it with a blink of the eye and it looks like everything really opening very nicely…..for those who waited so many years with so many frustrations…..and how many times Frank and my sister in Christ talked and met in Las Vegas…..and said when we met last time it was the best time ever and talked about this and wanted it to happen for a lot of people…..and finally, something is going to happen…..it’s not if it’s WHEN it WILL happen.

Also, the Congress is about to pass the IMF reforms….President Obama agreed on that but the Congress hasn’t agreed on it…..it was on hold, but something could happen behind closed doors…..and for them to accept China in the basket, remember, the US has the power of the IMF…..so for them to accept China in the SDR basket next year gives you the indication that everything works actually very nicely and with zeal. Everybody is going to benefit…..that’s why you see them working very smoothly.

I believe why the budget is important is because the CBI couldn’t move the rate dramatically to 1182 on Dec. 1st – when the Parliament works on the budget with an exchange rate otherwise they couldn’t move forward.

Other major thing that happened 3-4 days ago…the Anti-Money Laundering law was very important too because the CBI couldn’t move…..With that law they can basically work now.

I’m so excited for you, me, for everybody…..especially the KTFA family. We had to be very patient…like a lot of you – waiting so long…we stated on the CC so many times that this is not for everyone. We had said that if you cannot handle this investment, either sell your dinars or put it aside because it’s not for everyone…it takes patience.

FRANK: This 81 trillion…..that’s a large number. Do you remember what the number was for their budget was last year.

DELTA: I think it was 120 dollars or 30 trillion dinars.

Frank: I think they’re being more realistic…..they could come out 1:1.

DELTA: If you go to the IMF history – the previous record was 3.22 and if you add the inflation we should get very close to 3.60-3.70 – or $4.00. This is the natural rate for them. So, yeah, they can come up with 1:1…..and they have to come up higher…..even if they come up to more than 1 penny than the dollar, it’s going to be better.

The target goal for now is to come up more than 1:1.

Frank: I agree….Let’s say they do this on the 1st and they come out at 1:1 and they open the budget, got the tax and tariffs, got the codes, money coming in and everything’s good—it’s free floating. How long do you think it’ll take to go from 1:1 to 3:1?

DELTA: It could take 1 week to 1 month because they’re going to do a free float and you have a lot of investors and a lot of demand. Maybe the plan is 1 year for the numbers they’re looking for but I’m telling you as soon as this revalues, investors will be jumping on the dinar, but IMO I don’t think it would take more than a month. One week…..to a month, is my opinion.

Frank: Here’s what I’m thinking….I’m putting myself in the brain of Dr. Shabibi. Let’s see….I know there’s a lot of excitement for our country and a lot of anticipation and a longggg line of business and things that have been in place when they go international.

Because of that, if they free floated, it’s going to be fast…it’s going to climb fast. But if I manage it or control it myself, it’s going to go at a slow pace – what is it 2% or something like that. That’s ridiculous…! So, the fact that he’s putting it at a free float has such quick flexibility – a month is possible.

Someone asked if the broker is selling dinars when it goes to 1:1……Yes. Who’s going to buy it…….Not you! But when it shows the first signs of an RV and actually shows life and the proof of it I promise you the whales and sharks will move in and buy it. Why……because they can afford to do that.

The way you’re treating this investment and the way investors think of this is totally different. We went by blind faith…..rumors, histories of Kuwait…..this is not the way to invest in a currency. So, it’s telling me that this is going to be fast because if this was anything but a free float, jiminey crickets – you have to take 1 step forward and 2 steps backward…..it would take forever!

DELTA: What’s going to happen is that a lot will jump in – the IMF and CBI don’t even know how high it will go up…because this is what they’ve been waiting for. So many times we said as soon as this goes international, you’re not going to believe what happens. You’ll be surprised…..shocked…..scratching your head and even the people who knew about it are going to kick themselves…..they’re going to be so disappointed they didn’t join in.

To comment about your broker selling…like any other currency…..they sell the Chinese Yuan and other currencies…..and the IQD will be on the FOREX too…online…..the value goes to more than 2-3-4 trillion dollars…..once it becomes international, they’ll make good money.

Frankie, you made a good point about everybody knows that they’ll jump in because there’s a potential of making 100% or whatever…..and the stock market in Iraq…..the 2 articles that came out about the stock market coming out like London…..and planning to open to the world…..waiting for this to happen 6-7-8 months ago, but we all know what happened.

Frank: Timing…yes! It’s amazing!

I mentioned this on Monday’s CC ,…..the Finance Committee member, her name is Tamimi…..she actually put it up on our forum and said on Dec. 6th – last week – in a report put on our forum…..Yeah. the old rate was 3.30 – Actually she was wrong – it was 3.20 but I didn’t want to argue with her….She said, did you know WE NEVER ACTUALLY CANCELLED THAT RATE? THAT RATE IS JUST SITTING THERE WAITING FOR US TO PUT IT BACK UP ONCE WE’RE OUT OF THE SANCTIONS AND ARE INTERNATIONAL.

Holy Cow….IMO that free float tells me a lot…..it’s going to travel at the speed of light. And on top of that, deep in my heart, and I’m very adamant about this….they’re going to CAP it and that’s why this is free floating…..but they’ll CAP it when it gets to $3-4 dollars or whatever they want, but the fact that it’s free floating tells me that the CAP isn’t going to go deep into the year. Let’s see what happens.

Yes, I’m happy – I’m excited. I thank you, brother!


DELTA: Yes, remember it was in Feb or March when Abadi was in after Maliki and it took him a year…remember when they didn’t pass the budget – they used the budget from the year before.

Frank: Yeah…….it looks like there’s too many “coincidences”…..and it’s adding up. NO! What’s happening with the US and Iraq who have been together for almost 12 years, we’ve been in bed with them…..in their kitchen…..everywhere in this country and you’re telling me it’s a coincidence that we pulled a budget when they pulled a budget? You’re telling me today when the Federal Reserve jacked up the interest rates…….and IMO we’re going to start to see the LD’s travel through the banks of Iraq through their auctions…it’s adding up to be something very solid.

And you’re telling me that our president is balancing our budget…..that hasn’t happened since Clinton did it…..you know, when we had our windfall from Kuwait. (when they RV’d)…..and paying part of our deficit…..that’s impossible with our economy. NONE of this makes sense!! This is a manipulation of a masterpiece.

I love you brother and thank you for coming tonight. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

DELTA: I love ya brother…..and you family…..I’ll talk to you soon…..hopefully in Hawaii! LOL

Frank: Maliki tried…..and 18 of the Parliament members voted against this budget…..those 18 are supporters of Maliki…..those 18 have just marked themselves.

Also, I want to tell you…..we have a little small problem with Turkey…..it’s the ugly girl that goes to the prom and there are no other girls so every guy dances with her.

Turkey is not liked by the Middle East because they love our money – and they love our radars…especially our AWAC. So, Turkey is being bad again…the refugees finding solitude and comfort in Turkey…..they’re putting them back at the front to be sitting targets. Turkey is not helping with the removal of ISIS.

Because of that, we are powerful…..and whenever you go against us, I’m sorry there are consequences and usually they’re financial…so my opinion the planes we have which there are many – our air power supremacy…..we’re just going to take the airplanes back. Whaaaat? Yep…..there’s consequences.

Dismissed with a prayer.