KTFA (Samson)


Samson: Instructions and criteria for circulation and replacement of banknotes and counting mechanisms

22nd May, 2019

To / all banks approved ( instructions and standards for the circulation and replacement of

banknotes and counting mechanisms )

Due to non-compliance with the instructions and standards of circulation of banknotes and replace them and the counting and sorting mechanisms, we confirm what came in the letter of the Department of Issuance and Treasury / Department of Banking Follow-up and Compliance / Banking Follow-up Division No. 1470/8/12 dated 2018/4/10, Your banks through the above-mentioned inspection and inspection bodies.


Iobey777:  replace them and the counting and sorting mechanisms

Counting mechanisms..as in Delarue? They are really getting things revved up for the roll out of the NSCN’s and the shiny new rate!! IMO!!!


Samson:  Provide banks with small categories

22nd May, 2019

The Central Bank of Iraq would like to inform all banks that it is continuing to provide them with small groups of the Iraqi currency by withdrawing the amounts from the current balances with this bank.

He explains that if there is an inquiry or notes, banks can contact the Compliance Department in the Issuance and Treasury Department of this bank and by email ([email protected])


Tball99:  I am smiling so hard my cheeks hurt! Let’s get that rate public.

Crose:  Ok banks…keep stocking up on the small category notes…your going to need them In abundant supply so have plenty so you don’t run out when everyone starts using them…IMO

Chappy86:  Little by little the large three zero bills are being pulled off the market and being replaced IMO


MilitiaMan:  They are telling us imo they are continuing to provide the banks with small groups of currency! Well, small groups are not triple zeros notes nor are they talking about worn and torn ones..

This is about the new small categories and potentially (most likely imo) fils, as if we recall not long ago we were shown and article from the CBI about all categories. Then we saw an article about they are close to watching for small ATMs.

We have been told by Frank  per a member on our forum there are new ATMs out that are not turned on yet at the borders and Airports, if I recall that correctly. So if this is not a prelude to what is knocking on the door in regard to smalls, I am not sure what is. lol~ MM

Samson:  For the first time in its history .. Iraq is preparing to export gas to the world market

21st May, 2019

The world’s largest energy company, Rystad, said on Tuesday that Iraq could start exporting gas to the world market in 2022, noting that its output will reach 3 billion cubic feet per day.
“The company sees gas as the clear and most likely candidate in the region for the next four years,” said analyst Ridstad of Aditya Saraswat.

He added that “the new developments are on the way to double the production of gas in Iraq to three times, from one billion cubic feet per day in 2017 to reach nearly 3 billion cubic feet in 2022.

“This will allow the country to meet growing domestic demand for gas and perhaps even introduce Iraq into the world market as a source of gas for the first time,” he said.    LINK


Samson:  Abdul Mahdi heads to Kuwait

22nd May,2019

Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi went to Kuwait on his first visit to the state after taking office last October.

Iraq’s ambassador to Kuwait, Alaa al-Hashemi, said on Saturday that Abdul-Mahdi’s visit to Kuwait aims to “complete his visit to Iraq’s neighboring countries and joint coordination, especially after the Joint Higher Committee” held in Kuwait on May 12 under the chairmanship of the two foreign ministers.

Hashemi said that the policy of Kuwait and Iraq “became close,” especially after the meetings of the joint committee between the two countries.  The visit comes amid growing tension between the United States and Iran.  Hashemi denied knowledge of any initiative or mediation can be carried out by Iraq and Kuwait between Washington and Tehran.   LINK

Popeye7:  Oh the timing of this visit… Along with the release of the smaller notes article, and the vote of the FML (financial management law) tomorrow….

Samson:  The Finance Committee meets with experts and academics to build a strategy For a promising balance that differs from previous budgets

With a view to preparing to build a promising budget strategy that is different from its predecessors and in accordance with the directions and objectives adopted by the Finance Committee.

Its current role and its keenness to involve experts and academics in ideas and proposals in order to reverse them in future budgets.

Based on sound scientific foundations that meet the aspiration, the committee met under the chairmanship of Dr. Yitham Al – Jubouri on Tuesday 21/5-2019 in the building

A civil society organization in Baghdad, with a number of former directors-general of the Ministry of Finance, financial advisers, economists and professors To identify the needs needed to activate the role of the private sector and maximize non-oil resources

The meeting discussed the creation of sovereign funds, the promotion of investment and the identification of sectors and productive economic activities

The Chairman of the Committee stressed during the meeting the importance of such meetings in order to benefit from the experiences and experiences of financial experts Economy, executive officials and university professors

It is worth noting that the Finance Committee is currently discussing the draft Financial Management Law to proceed with its legislation

Department of Information

21/5/2019     link

*Samson:  After the extension of UNAMI mission in Iraq .. Representatives of States make their recommendations to Iraq

22nd May, 2019

Representatives of the UN mission to Iraq presented a series of proposals and recommendations to the Iraqi authorities during Tuesday’s meeting, details of which were released on Tuesday.

The representatives of the countries present and the agreement to extend the mission until the end of this month have made a number of recommendations to the representative of the Iraqi government, the Reelweb Web site said in a statement released on Wednesday.

“The recommendations of the German representative included focusing on the security challenge and climate change, stressing the need to address the risks by developing strategies to deal with these challenges.”

“The representative of the United States, stressed the importance of filling the vacancies of the Iraqi cabinet cabin, and the provision of services, stressing that the unanimous vote to extend the mission of the mission comes from the concern to continue to support the stability of Iraq.

“He stressed the need to remove Iraq from the current conflict in the region between the United States and Iran, stressing the importance of resolving the outstanding problem through dialogue.”

The Kuwaiti representative stressed the “commitment of his country to return the bodies of its citizens who were killed during the Iraq-Kuwait war, stressing that his country has not received any bodies since 2004, and expressed its readiness to support Iraq to fulfill its obligations.”

Representatives of France, South Africa, Guinea, the Dominican Republic, Poland, Peru, Belgium, China and Indonesia were also present.     LINK