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Samson: Trump: “China must accept pre-agreed terms to complete the trade agreement”

12th June 2019

US President Donald Trump said he Mtzmk trade agreement with China and has no interest in moving forward if Beijing did not agree again “on the 4 or 5 key points

“China now wants to make a very bad deal,” Trump said in remarks to the White House on Tuesday. “It is my right now to stick to the agreement

Either we are going to have a great deal with China or we will not implement any agreement at all,” Trump said

We had an agreement with China and then backed away. They said they did not want to include four or five issues in the agreement, but we have a deal with China and if they do not return to that agreement, we are not interested in completing another deal,” he said

This week, the US president threatened to expand tariffs on China unless the Chinese president attended the 20th summit. For its part, Beijing threatened retaliation as the United States escalated its trade war

“They are being abused by tariffs because companies are unable to pay fees so they are leaving China,” Donald Arram said   LINK

Samson:  False workers in Basra and employees get paid !!

2019/6/12 12:24

The Basra Court of Inquiry on the issues of integrity revealed the arrest of employees in the municipality of Basra for the appointment of workers delusional {satellite], pointing out that the accused have paid the salaries of workers who do not exist for five months.

A statement issued by the Media Center of the Supreme Judicial Council received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, that “a team of investigators of the Integrity Commission / Directorate of the investigation of Basra and under the supervision of the investigating judge competent to be able to arrest eight accused of the crime are working officials of municipal divisions affiliated to the Gulf Division in the municipality of Basra.”

He added that the defendants have set the cleaning workers and fictitious agreement with the calculator in charge of manipulating the electronic fingerprint device was received their salaries by the defendants for a period of five months, “pointing out that” court proceedings have taken all the right of the accused and ratified their words In accordance with the provisions of Article 315 Of the Penal Code, as well as the seizure of electronic fingerprint devices.”    LINK


Samson:  Detecting 406 members of Diwaniya receiving two salaries at the same time

12th June, 2019

An investigative committee of the Office of the Inspector-General of the Ministry of Interior revealed on Wednesday that 406 members of the Diwaniyah police department were involved in receiving two salaries at the same time, indicating that one of them is from the Ministry of the Interior and the other from the social welfare.

“406 members of Diwaniyah Police Directorate are involved in receiving two salaries at the same time, one from the Ministry of the Interior and the other from the social welfare,” the ministry said in a statement received by al-Maaloumah.

She added that the discovery was made against the background of the audit committee to the process of boycotting the databases of the ministry’s employees working in the maintenance of various levels and degrees, where the intersection showed the receipt of 406 double wage employees,” indicating that “the total funds received against the controls amounted to about two billion and 200 million Dinar”.

He added that “the necessary legal measures have been taken to recover the funds received illegally by the violators in coordination with the Department of Social Protection in Diwaniyah of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.”   LINK

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