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Samson: Commentators comment on Sadr’s statement: We will not hesitate to take steps to correct the tracks of government performance

17th August 2019

Sadr’s leader, Muqtada al-Sadr, on Friday, made four points as “fraternal
advice” to Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, and while noting that he did
not see any progress in the file of anti-corruption at all, he stressed that
the people were hurt a lot and patience is no longer easy.  LINK

Doodlebug:  Tick tock, tick tock.. oh how is Mahdi going to respond to the religious finger pointing of this past week?  Don’t look now Mahdi, but it looks like you’re stepping on the end of the fuse. Tick tock, tick tock.


Samson: Sabri : Article 140 and the budget is the most important files of talks between the Center and the region

16th August, 2019

Kurdistan Alliance MP Fian Sabri confirmed on Friday that the Kurdish delegation will
complete the ongoing talks to solve the outstanding problems between the Center
and the region.

Sabri said in an interview with “Covenant” that Article 140 and the budget and the oil file
are the most important files that will be discussed by the two sides in the

She pointed out that there are major challenges need to atmosphere of reconciliation among
the Iraqi political parties in order to overcome, noting that the committees
formed to seek to resolve outstanding issues in accordance with the
Constitution and understandings agreed between the parties.

She added that the 2020 budget will be a budget for projects and performance, including
the development of the sectors of agriculture, tourism and human resources. LINK


Samson: Deputy for “Alekti” calls on the federal government to apply Article 140 to
enjoy peace in Kirkuk

17th August, 2019

MP of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Diamond Fadel, Saturday, the
federal government to end the tension in Kirkuk and the application of Article
140 to enjoy the province peace.

Fadel said in a statement to “Gilgamesh Press” that “serious dialogues between
Baghdad and Erbil to resolve the difference in views between the parties,”
and demanded the Baghdad government to “implement its obligations towards the region as well as the region to implement what it is, because each party is complementary to the other.”

Fadel called on the federal government to “do what it has to end the security tension
in Kirkuk and the normalization of the situation and the implementation of
Article 140 in order to enjoy Kirkuk peacefully, and be able to run a genuine
and honest elections serving the people of the people,” noting that ”
Kurdish and Turkmen Kurds.”

She explained that “there are ongoing dialogues between the parties on the subject of oil as well as on the issue of Kirkuk and the security situation, which is one of the important axes that are discussed between the parties,” pointing out that “the region’s salaries are within the current budget and approved by the House of Representatives and should not be any Problems”.    LINK

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