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Samson: The central bank reveals the size of the debts on Iraq

03/25/2020 20:55:53

The Central Bank of Iraq media official revealed the size of external and internal debts on Iraq.

Acer Jabbar said in a post on Twitter: “Summary of Iraq’s debt, an external debt of about 30 billion dollars, and internal debt of about 42 billion dollars for the central bank, Rafidain and Al-Rushdie Bank and the Iraqi Trade Bank {TBI}.”

He referred to “debts that arose from the war on ISIS, about $ 13 billion.”

Jabbar added, “Expectations of the Iraqi government’s request to postpone the payment of the debts in light of the crisis of (low prices) oil.”   LINK

Samson:  Rashid Bank announces raising the salaries of employees of 31 departments

26th March, 2020

Al-Rasheed Bank announced, on Thursday, that it will raise the salaries of employees of 31 departments of holders of electronic payment cards.

The bank said in a statement, Alsumaria News received a copy of it, that “the salaries of employees of (31) departments have been raised from the holders of electronic payment cards (Nakheel Master Card) and (Card) for the month of March this Thursday.”

The bank stressed that “he can hold cards Al-Rashid Bank receive their salaries from our branch network spread across all governorates or from one of the approved Nakheel Master Card and Key Card outlets.”



Samson:  G20 meets remotely as Corona cases increase

03/26/2020 13:50:58

The leaders of the Group of Twenty major economies talk via closed television network today, Thursday, about ways to combat the Corona virus and its economic repercussions, with the number of people infected with it worldwide increasing to 471 thousand infected and the number of deaths resulting from it to 21 thousand.

Finance ministers and central bank governors from the Group of 20 nations agreed this week to draw up a “plan of action” to tackle the outbreak that the International Monetary Fund expects to trigger a global recession, but they have provided few details.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Gebrysos will deliver a speech to leaders requesting increased funding and support for the production of personal protective equipment for medical personnel. He said in a press conference in Geneva late on Wednesday: “We have a global responsibility as a human society, especially countries like the G20 members.” “It should support countries worldwide.”

King Salman of Saudi Arabia, whose country heads the group this year and who called for the extraordinary virtual summit, wrote on Twitter last night saying: “At this critical time when the world faces the emerging Corona pandemic, which affects humans, health systems and the global economy, we meet with the G20 in An extraordinary summit: to come up with initiatives that fulfill our peoples’ hopes, enhance the role of our governments, and unite our efforts to confront this epidemic.

Concern is growing about the economic protection measures being considered or adopted as countries struggle to tackle the outbreak. The US Chamber of Commerce urged G20 leaders to match pledges made by countries such as Australia and Canada to keep supply chains open and avoid export restrictions. The conference, which is held on closed television, faces the complications of the oil price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia and the escalation of tension between the United States and China over the origin of the virus.

According to diplomatic sources, “South China Morning Post” reported that China and the United States agreed during the preparatory talks to temporarily stop exchanging accusations on the virus. But talks between Security Council members have been stalled due to the United States’ insistence that it mention in any joint statement that China is the origin of the virus, according to NBC News. The outbreak began in central China last year and spread to 196 countries.

On the other hand, the Wall Street Journal reported that Washington may seize the opportunity of the summit to start discussing the oil price war between Riyadh and Moscow, which pushed crude prices to their lowest levels in 20 years at a time when the epidemic undermined global demand.   LINK


Samson:  Iran’s central bank: 30 bank employees have died as a result of corona

13:20 – 26/03/2020

On Thursday, the governor of the Iranian Central Bank, Abdel Nasser Hamti, said that 30 Iranian bank employees had died as a result of being infected with the Corona virus while performing their work.

Today, Thursday, the Iranian Ministry of Health reported 157 deaths and 2,389 new cases of Coronavirus during the past 24 hours.

The ministry said in a statement that “the number of people infected with the virus rose to 29,406, while the total deaths reached 2234”, pointing out that “the number of people recovering after they were infected with the Corona virus rose to 10457.”    LINK

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