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Samson:  US Treasury Secretary: The White House could store hundreds of millions of barrels of oil

30th April, 2020

US President Donald Trump has said that his administration may soon unveil a plan to help U.S. oil companies, and Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin has indicated that it may include adding millions of barrels of crude to already national reserves, in light of global demand collapsing due to the Corona virus pandemic

“We are exploring the possibility of storing several hundred million additional barrels, and then we are looking at many different options,” Mnuchin said while briefing the White House on the implications of the virus for the industry   LINK


“Indictments: Now Includes Non-Sealed” by RY – 5.1.20

Entry Submitted by RY at 1:56 AM EDT on May 1, 2020

There are now three categories of indictments. Sealed, Unsealed and Non-sealed.

390,000 Non-sealed.



As of March 1, 2020:

165,000 = Sealed.
19,000 = Unsealed

Dear Rothschild(ren), Rockafallens, JeZOOits and the rest of the self-pointed worthless tyrants, see you at OUR military tribunals. It’s youuuuur tuuuuurn nowwww. Enjoy your own medicine. What color “rope” would you like?