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Samson:  Pompeo: There is enormous evidence that the new Corona descended from Wuhan Laboratory

05/3/2020 17:43:24

 US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed that there is “huge evidence” that the new Corona virus is descending from a laboratory in Wuhan, China, accusing Beijing of hiding information about the deadly virus outbreak.

“We can confirm that the Communist Party of China did everything it could to ensure the world did not know what had happened at the appropriate time. There is a lot of evidence for this, some of which are public and can be seen,” Pompeo said in an interview with the American channel ABC. “We saw their ads, we saw that they expelled the journalists, we saw the silence of those who tried to mention what was happening, the medical professors inside China, and they were prevented from issuing reports about that … in a manner that the Communist parties operate according to.”  

Pompeo accused the Chinese authorities of “raising enormous risks”, resulting in the injury and death of hundreds of thousands around the world, including in the United States. Commenting on the issue of linking the virus to the laboratory of the Virus Institute in Wuhan, the US Secretary of State continued, “There is huge evidence that everything started in this place.

They said from the start that this was a virus that originated from the Chinese city of Wuhan … China has a record of the world infected with viruses, the record for the use of laboratories do not respond to the required standards, this time is not the first when the world is facing a virus as a result of errors in the “Chinese Labs”. LINK