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Samson: Specialist: Solving the budget problem will not be through the employees salaries

09:07 – 09/06/2020

The economist, Salem Al-Kinani, saw that the solution to the budget problem will not be by reducing the salaries of employees, but rather by resorting to agricultural and animal wealth and the exploitation of the mineral revolution available in the land of Iraq. addition to the exploitation of investment plots of land.

Al-Kinani said in a statement to “Information”, that “millions of residential lands can be used, invested and sold to citizens, and to deliver their services to investment companies, while ensuring that the government receives 50% of the service fees.”

He added, “Most countries do not depend on oil as a main source for financing the budget, as Iraq can rely on its religious tourism as a steady revenue in financing the budget in addition to its untapped tourist sites such as marshes, marine depressions and archaeological sites.”

And that “the step of resorting to the employees’ pension is unsuccessful and will have a negative reaction to the government, and the coming days may witness large demonstrations of employees that lead to the overthrow of the government.

It is possible to export the mineral revolution found in the ground, in addition to agricultural crops and the animal revolution, and therefore all resources are available but they need to be properly exploited. ”   LINK

Chappy86:  Wow, now they’re talking about the things that contribute to the REER, (real effective exchange rate) the countries relative value. It is not the lowering of salaries that’ll save Iraq. Rather it is the exploitation of their resources stored in the ground and what the ground can produce….imo

Popeye7:  Yes Chappy… As Frank, and his teams have pointed out… Iraq has so many resources within their country, and the nations of the world are pouring into this nation to get a piece of the pie…