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Samson: Despite the parliament’s vote .. Parliamentary economics reveal the difficulty of providing internal and external funds

18:18 – 25/06/2020

The Parliamentary Economy and Investment Committee revealed, Thursday, that it is difficult to provide funds from the Central Bank, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund, despite the parliament’s vote on the borrowing law.

Committee member Mithaq Al-Hamedi said in a statement to “Information”, that “the global economy is facing a big problem because of the Corona pandemic, as it is difficult to secure the money voted by the House of Representatives within the law of external and internal borrowing,” noting that “the money that is to be borrowed is difficult to You believe in a collapsing global economy. ”

She added that “the government may face a problem in securing those funds to overcome the current crisis,” noting that “the Central Bank of Iraq informed the House of Representatives earlier that it was concerned about the wrong government economic policies and it may be difficult to provide loans to the government.”
Yesterday, Wednesday, the House of Representatives voted on a law to finance the deficit in the current year’s budget.   LINK

BearCinnebar:  IMO Well the reason being it is a process to get funds – and there is an agreement to complete the monetary/currency reform – first – as a requirement to borrow those funds – at least from the IMF that is … well this article is written or translated without creative writing so no guessing here.  IRAQ YOU ARE DOING A JOB THAT IS PHENOMENAL!