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Samson:  “Ends dollar hegemony” – a new global financial system led by China

27th June, 2020  Another re this appearing today

Economic circles and international financial institutions monitor, China is going to build a new financial system, ending the dollar’s dominance of financial market transactions and trade exchanges.

Igor Nedelkin, the Russian researcher, stresses that China is preparing for a new financial system, which reveals the secret behind China’s accumulation of gold and the purchase of its production companies around the world.

“Nedelkin” adds in an article carried by the Russian network today from the Russian online Export website, that the Chinese gold mining companies are expanding greatly, as they actively buy institutions operating in this sector around the world, and at the expense of their new assets in foreign countries, China has become the largest producer of Yellow metal in the world, and this behavior indicates that Beijing is reserving gold for strategic purposes.

Money market experts have long said that China has been sending the world unimaginable signals two interpretations that the dollar’s dominance must end.

Judging by what is happening, according to the estimates of the Russian researcher, Igor Nidelkin, it can be said that China has plans to change the global financial system, towards gold playing the hinge role. Something similar to a gold standard, which allows China to achieve its main geopolitical goal, which is to abandon the dollar settlement system.

It is interesting that the traditional gold standard will reach 200 years old next year. It was adopted at the Paris Conference in the year 1821. After having survived many transformations in its history, it was abolished in 1971 in the United States, which formally supported the gold equivalent under the Bretton Woods system after the war.

The Chinese approach imposes the main question: Is China preparing to launch a gold coin? No answer for the time being. Since the 2008 crisis, countless conversations have taken place. On the other hand, if China continues to buy gold assets with “greed and greed,” according to the characterization of “Nedelkin,” then this is likely to be part of a strategy that is still behind the scenes.

Apparently, the People’s Republic of China expects that gold will be used as a reserve asset in the future, and that a financial system will be built on this basis that will replace the existing one.



Samson:  A legal expert calls on Al-Kazemi to join Iraq in the International Criminal Court agreement

27th June 2020

Today, Saturday, June 27, 2020, legal expert Ali Al-Tamimi called on Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to join Iraq in the International Criminal Court’s convention in order to try the killers of the Iraqi people.

Al-Tamimi said in a press statement, “The accession of Iraq to the Rome Convention of 1998 for the International Criminal Court will enable the people of Iraq to prosecute all those who killed the Iraqi people from 2003 to now because these crimes do not fall out of time or by time.

Article 5 of the law of this court, which is tried for crimes against humanity, genocide, aggression, willful killing and even the killing of demonstrators and the responsibility of who is behind it.”

He added that if Iraq acceded to the Rome Agreement of 1998, the Prosecutor of this International Criminal Court could move all procedures for previous crimes retroactively and even to the leaders of the countries that destroyed and killed millions of Iraqis.

He stressed that Al-Kazemi has a great opportunity to do this matter and will not regret and will satisfy all the Iraqi people and prosecute those who were killed and stolen and participated in those crimes.


Samson:  Deputy – discloses stealing 10 billion annually from domestic oil sales

19:59 – 27/06/2020

The MP revealed that the State of Law coalition, Alia Nassif, Saturday, stole 10 billion dinars annually from domestic oil sales.

Nassif said in a statement to the “information”, that “domestic oil production has reached 500 thousand barrels per day to be displayed in the Iraqi local markets,” pointing out that “those sales were not recorded accurately with SOMO and the Ministry of Oil.”

She added that “mafias belonging to the Ministry of Oil steal large funds from internal oil sales, which can support the budget and get rid of the financial deficit”, indicating that “the funds that are stolen annually from internal oil sales amount to 10 billion Iraqi dinars.”

And revealed the Parliamentary Finance Committee, earlier, the theft of 190 billion dinars per month from one of the outlets.  


Samson:  Iran’s central bank pumps millions of dollars to support the riyal

10:11 – 28/06/2020

The Governor of the Central Bank of Iran, Abdul Nasser Hamti, announced that he will pump millions of dollars to maintain the stability of the currency market, after the Iranian riyal had fallen to historical levels last week.

“Over the past few days, hundreds of millions of dollars have entered the market through intermediaries (linked to the central bank) and many of the plans of those trying to destabilize the foreign exchange market have been thwarted,” he said in an Instagram post.

The rial plunged to an all-time low on Tuesday before recovering slightly. The riyal is under pressure from the US sanctions and the Corona virus crisis.

Iranian officials have previously said that the government has largely abandoned the policy of pumping large amounts of hard currency with the aim of supporting the riyal since 2018 when the riyal lost about 75 percent of its value after the United States withdrew from the international nuclear deal and its next decision to reimpose sanctions on Tehran.    LINK