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Samson: Pompeo: We will continue to support the sovereignty of Iraq

14th October, 2020

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo affirmed, on Wednesday, that his country continues to support the sovereignty of Iraq.

“There are those trying to target Iraqis and American diplomats to stop this support,” Pompeo said in a press conference that “Mawazine News” followed. “Nevertheless, we continue to support Iraq politically and economically and support its freedom, and the Iraqis know who are the good powers in the Middle East.”

He added, “We are pleased with the Iraqi security measures to protect diplomatic missions,” referring to “supporting the sovereignty of Iraq in the face of those who undermine security.”   LINK

Samson:  Deputy Proposes To Turn The White Paper Into A Draft Law To Reform The Financial Situation

14th October, 2020

A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Hoshyar Abdullah, suggested converting the articles of the white paper into a draft law bearing the name of the Financial Status Reform Law, indicating that it deserves support and support.

Abdullah said in two tweets, published today on his personal account on Twitter: “I read the white paper proposed by the government and the Federal Ministry of Finance to reform the financial situation. My country should support its implementation.”

He added: “I suggest that the government and the Ministry of Finance convert the articles of the white paper into a draft law bearing the name of the Financial Status Reform Law to give it a mandatory nature, and that the three presidencies should urgently coordinate to convert it into a draft law because these reforms cannot be delayed and deserve to be made more mature through a special law.”  LINK


Samson:  Kurdistan receives the 320 billion dinars sent from the federal government

14th October, 2020

A source from the Ministry of Finance and Economy in the Kurdistan Region announced, on Wednesday, the arrival of 320 billion Iraqi dinars to the Central Bank in the Kurdistan Region, and it is expected that salaries will be distributed tomorrow

The Kurdish network “Rudaw” quoted a source in the Ministry of Finance and Economy in the region, as saying that “the aforementioned amount arrived at the central bank, the regional branch, and salaries are expected to be distributed tomorrow, Thursday

An official letter of the federal government, signed by the Iraqi Minister of Finance Ali Allawi, on October 13, 2020, indicates that 320 billion dinars were sent to the Kurdistan Regional Government, and it stated that the amount is allocated to pay the salaries of Kurdistan Region employees for the month of September

And the Parliamentary Finance Committee announced, on Sunday (October 11, 2020), that the Iraqi government had sent an amount of 320 billion dinars previously agreed upon to distribute the salaries of employees   LINK