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Samson:  Memoranda Of Understanding Signed Between Iraq And Greece

14th October, 2020

Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein announced the signing of memoranda of understanding between Iraq and Greece.

Hussein said in a press conference, today, Wednesday, that “Greece is an important country for Iraq and plays an important role in various fields.”

Hussein added, “Greece helped Iraq in its war against ISIS and provided military support,” indicating that it is an important partner for Iraq and has a wide experience in the field of alternative energy.  LINK


Samson:  International Monetary: Global recession will be less than expected in 2020

18:10 – 10/13/2020

The International Monetary Fund improved its forecast for the performance of the global economy for 2020, and said that global GDP is expected to decline by 4.4% this year, but it will recover and grow by 5.2% in 2021.

This came in a report by the International Monetary Fund for the month of October on the prospects for the development of the global economy.

The IMF estimates that the global economy will shrink this year by 4.4%, 0.8% more than its estimate in June.

He added that the review was driven by better-than-expected growth in advanced economies and China during the second quarter of the year and signs of a faster recovery in the third quarter, and despite this, the Fund warned that the Coronavirus crisis is not over yet.

The fund expects that the global economy will recover next year and achieve a growth of 5.2%, and this level is lower than previous estimates that indicated a growth of 5.4%.    LINK