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Samson: Constitutional amendments reveal disagreements regarding Article 140

12:51 – 11/07/2020

A member of the Parliamentary Constitutional Amendments Committee revealed, on Saturday, aspects of disagreement over the amendment of Article 140, as well as the exclusive powers of the region.

Kanna said in a statement to “the information”, that “the main points of contention in amending the constitutional articles related to exclusive powers are from the authority of the federal government or the regions.”

He added, “Parliament will decide these articles during the coming sessions,” noting that “the most complex contentious article is Article 140, and the Kurds have requested that there be a session of their own and that the article does not change at all.”

He pointed out that “some MPs demanded the amendment of Article 140 to meet the ambitions of the other components that extend from Rabia to Sinjar and Mandali, passing through the Nineveh Plains and Kirkuk,” noting that “these articles remained until there is agreement on them by the higher political authorities.” LINK

Samson:  13 billion dinars of counterfeit money seized and a money printing press in Baghdad

7th November, 2020

Yahya Rasul, spokesman for the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, announced on Saturday that at least 13 billion Iraqi dinars had been seized, and a printing press for counterfeiting money, in one of the areas of the capital, Baghdad.

Major General Rasoul said in a statement received by Shafaq News that the detachments of the Baghdad Intelligence and Security Directorate, in coordination with a joint security force, were able to seize a counterfeit money printing press in the Shaljia area.

He added that inside it were found fake money estimated at 13 billion Iraqi dinars and twenty-three thousand US dollars in addition to special tissue paper and a machine used in the process of coloring and cutting currency.   LINK


Samson:  Representative agriculture: Iraq is a gold mine that needs to banish the corrupt and the urgent

11/07/2020 13:16:39

The head of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture, Water, and Marshlands, Salam Al-Shammari, affirmed, on Saturday, that the development of the various sectors in the country, especially the agricultural sector, is in need of specialists, away from favoritism.

Al-Shammari said in a press statement, that “the vast areas of non-reclaimed lands must be invested and distributed to specialists, especially agricultural engineers, to increase the cultivated areas and increase self-sufficiency.”

Al-Shammari added, “Iraq is an inexhaustible gold mine, and it needs specialists to build and develop it and keep the corrupt and emergency from any project that contributes to increasing its revenues.” Iyad working from engineers and specialists.”    LINK


Samson:  Parliamentary defense confirms that the final draft of the law to combat cyber crimes will soon be prepared

7th November, 2020

Today, Saturday, the Parliamentary Defense Security Committee confirmed that the final draft of the Anti-Cyber Crime Law will soon be prepared.

A member of the committee, Representative Adnan Al-Asadi, said, “The Security and Defense Committee discussed with the general directors of the National Security Agency and other security agencies the issue of protecting the national cyber, as well as protecting the citizen through the Anti-Cyber Crime Law,” noting that “this law is in its final touches and that five Committees regarding amendments to the draft law.”

Al-Asadi pointed out that “the aim of enacting this law is to protect the citizen and his privacy, protect moral issues and prevent extortion by some intruders, in addition to protecting funds, documents, national security and national information.” He added that “the committee held meetings with most of the security and judicial authorities.”   LINK

Samson:  Iraq’s Economic Crisis … A Problem That Future Generations Will Pay For

7th November 2020

The financial crisis and the deteriorating economic situation are nothing but the accumulations and products of previous years of financial mismanagement and the absence of serious planning to manage the economy, as well as the subordination of financial policy to the interests of parties and entities.

Those who bear this deficit are all previous governments with the current addition of the partner political classes accused of ruining the economy, which depends entirely on oil without adding other resources.

Oil has been subjected to a decline in demand and a decrease in its prices for reasons the most important of which is the decrease in fuel consumption rates due to the pandemic that the world has witnessed since the beginning of this year. This led to a decrease in revenues that do not cover the state’s expenditures, and we do not have other sources of production, and it is the backbone of the economy as its revenues constitute more than 90% of the country’s revenues.

As well as the job momentum in the institutions at the expense of the general budget represented by the presence of more than 4 million employees in addition to high salaries.

The rampant corruption in all the state’s joints and institutions is one of the most important repercussions of the decline in the economic crisis, which continues to afflict the treasury’s body and is not stopped.

In order to find ways out of this reality, the political system must have an integrated vision to build an economic system, a real will, and the accreditation of experts who make future extrapolations to find effective and urgent solutions in order to save the economy, while if this is not done, there are expectations of negative impacts on the future of future generations if solutions are found And the country sank in debt.  LINK


DeepWoodz: Very interesting outlook on sovereignty……..

”Egypt’s sovereign rating reflects confidence in the stability and robustness of the Egyptian economy”

especially since they may be in the currency basket. imo

B rating….An obligation rated ‘B’ is more vulnerable to nonpayment than obligations rated ‘BB’, but the obligor currently has the capacity to meet its financial commitment on the obligation. 

Iraq currently is B-

Samson:  Standard & Poor’s Affirm Egypt’s Credit Rating

7th November, 2020

The Standard & Poor’s Corporation maintained the credit rating of Egypt in both local and foreign currencies, as it is unchanged at level B while also maintaining a stable outlook for the second time in six months in 2020.

Mohamed Maait, the Egyptian Minister of Finance, said that fixing Egypt’s sovereign rating reflects confidence in the stability and robustness of the Egyptian economy and its ability to positively deal with the repercussions of the “Corona” pandemic and overcome all external and internal shocks resulting from it.

He explained that the report of the Standard & Poor’s Corporation predicts the ability of the Egyptian economy to achieve positive growth rates despite the challenges of the Corona pandemic at a rate of 2.5 percent in 2020/2021, reflecting its estimates of the expected negative global growth during the current fiscal year as well as the negative growth rates estimated for most countries.

He pointed out that the Standard & Poor’s Corporation expected the Egyptian economy to return to strong growth rates of up to 5.4% by 2022 with the recovery of tourism activity, the return of strong growth in the energy and manufacturing sectors, and an improvement in the business environment due to the completion of structural reforms.    LINK