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Samson: Barzani congratulates the Kurds on Nowruz: a day that symbolizes freedom from subjugation and subordination

20th March, 2021
The Kurdish leader, Masoud Barzani, congratulated today, Saturday, the Kurds and those celebrating Nowruz.

Barzani wrote in a tweet on the Twitter microblogging site, “Let me wish the people of Kurdistan, as well as those who celebrate this holiday around the world, Happy Nowruz.”

Barzani added; Nowruz symbolizes freedom from subjugation and subordination.

He expressed his “sincerely hope that the coming year will bring more peace, prosperity and tranquility for all.”  LINK


Samson:  Parliament plans to vote three landmark laws within the next two weeks

09:01 – 20/03/2021

Member of Parliament, Jawad Al-Mousawi, confirmed, on Saturday, the parliament’s intention to vote on three articulated laws during the next two weeks’ session, the most prominent of which is the law to dissolve the House of Representatives.

Moussawi said in a statement to / the information / that “the political activity in the House of Representatives is unprecedented in its history as it attests to the readiness to vote on three pending laws during the next two weeks.”

He added, “Today, the vote on the Federal Budget Law may witness and then devote themselves to voting on the Iraqi State Administration Law.”

It should be noted that the House of Representatives will hold a session this morning to vote on the 2021 Budget Law, after it was scheduled for Friday evening.   LINK


Samson:  Deputy: Today’s session will be long and may extend for days

20th March, 2021

The deputy member of the legal committee, Representative Rizan Sheikh Dleir, confirmed today, Saturday, that the parliament session today will be long and may extend for days, while noting that the Kurds agreed with the Shiites to pass all paragraphs of Kurdistan.

“The remainder of the budget is only the legal wording of some of its paragraphs, and it has been agreed with the Shiite forces to pass the paragraphs on Kurdistan,” Deler said in a statement to “Tigris”.

She added, “Today’s session will be long and may extend for several days until agreement is made on a specific formula to pass all the paragraphs drawn up by the Finance Ministry.”

Dler indicated that “some forces threatened to boycott the sessions if the exchange rate of the dollar was not approved, which is a legitimate demand.”  LINK

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