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Samson: For the first time in history .. Live broadcast of the descent of a vehicle on Mars

16th November, 2018

Residents of the Earth will be able to see for the first time in history the landing of a spacecraft on Mars on November 26.

NASA will open the live broadcast from mission control rooms so that people can see scientists and engineers doing their job in controlling the vehicle, as well as landing on the red planet, according to the PGR technical site.

NASA’s public television channel is due to broadcast the event with comments from experts who will explain what is happening and provide detailed updates, as well as a broadcast that contains only natural sounds for what happens inside the control room, without any comment.

If everything goes as planned, the Insight Lander will send up recent data on Mars, where scientists will be able to learn about the Red Planet, and begin a new phase of exploratory exploration.

Once settled on the planet, the “Insight” will spend two years, one year on Mars, diving into the depths of the planet in search of information that helps to know how Mars is formed as well as the origin of the Earth and other rocky planets.

The vehicle’s main instrument is a French-made earthquake meter designed to detect the least vibrations caused by “Earthquakes” around the planet.   LINK

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