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Samson: A close source: Abdul Mahdi completes his vacant ministries this week

17th November, 2018

A source close to, Saturday, that Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi will complete his ministries vacant this week.

The source told Mawazine News that “Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi will complete his vacant ministries during this week and will present it to the House of Representatives for the purpose of granting the ministers confidence.”  The MP of the Fatah bloc Safa al-Ghabban, that “the meetings on the completion of the cabinet began last week, with the aim of submitting the names of candidates to fill the vacant portfolios.”

He added: “I do not rule out that Basra to get the Ministry of Culture,” pointing out that “the main dilemma to complete the formation of the government lies in the candidates of the Ministries of Interior and Defense.”  “Al-Ghabban said that” Abdul Mahdi presents the rest of his formation to parliament next Tuesday. ”

On Wednesday, October 24, 2018, Adel Abdulmahdi was sworn in as the new president of the government to succeed Haidar al-Abadi. The oath was also sworn in by 14 ministers who won the parliament’s vote in the government of Abd al-Mahdi.  LINK


Samson:  Iran takes measures to speed up the return of hard currency

17th November, 2018

The governor of the Central Bank of Iran Abdul Nasser Hamti, on Saturday, to take measures to speed up the return of hard currency from exports expected to reach 47 billion dollars this year. “Exports are the necessary resources for sustainable development and the most important element for entering the country’s hard currency, increasing employment and economic income,” Hamati said in remarks carried by Iranian media.

He added that it is natural, because of the barbaric ban, that the return of hard currency from exports to the wheel of the economy of the country with problems and difficulties, “noting that” the central bank and taking into account all the conditions of the country and laws and controls, will make the necessary cooperation and the necessary in this area “.

Hamati explained that “the pledge to return the hard currency to the wheel of the economy of the country can be in the framework of the composition of various methods of presentation of hard currency in the system ‘Nima’ or offer transfers and money to exchange offices or imports registered by,” noting that “it is obvious “Except for the above, any other measure is an exit from the country’s capital, in contradiction to the country’s economic development goals.”

He added that “in light of consultation with private sector activists, it has been taking precautions on how different groups of exporters work, and by doing so will accelerate the return of hard currency from exports to the wheel of the country’s economy, which is expected to reach at least $ 47 billion this year”.     LINK


Samson:  Iraqi party economy : the debts of the country 124 billion dollars and we will reveal scandals of the Ministry of Oil

17th November, 2018

The head of the party “competencies” Haitham al-Jubouri on Friday for his diligent to uncover files of corruption in the ministries of the Iraqi state, including the Ministry of Oil, which described its corruption with the scandal

Jubouri pointed out that Iraq’s foreign and internal debts amounted to 124 billion dollars, noting that 40 billion dollars of those debts belong to the Gulf countries to support the regime of Saddam Hussein in the war on Iran, and those countries did not talk with Baghdad about those funds, and there is 33 billion dollars To foreign countries and international financial institutions, and 51 billion of them as domestic debt

Al-Jubouri spoke at the symposium of the political decision-making center for studies on the reality of oil export and production. He explained that Kirkuk oil is used to meet the local need only for the difficulty of transporting it from the Kirkuk fields. The local need is 600 thousand barrels per day, To the extent of scandals to be disclosed and make efforts with other ministries suffering from the same problem where some foreign workers earn 70 thousand dollars and our youth is unemployed

As for the collection of money and taxes, Jubouri said: Most countries in the world rely on their sources of income on taxes and charging fees in return for providing services to citizens, but in Iraq we are suffering from the problem of the inability to provide services suited to the state tax and taxes, and this makes the citizen is not convinced

Jubouri spoke to the decision center about the Finance Committee in Parliament, proposing to divide it into two financial committees, and another call it the Budget Committee and the final accounts, and said that there is a problem of inability to audit the final accounts provided by the Office of Financial Supervision because of time and problems

He also stressed the existence of a great disappointment because of the pressure exercised by corrupters who hinder the efforts of detection of the money and tools and armies ready for electronic dotting

Jubouri expressed his satisfaction with the efforts made to allocate 30% of the collection funds in the provinces to meet their needs of service, while 70% goes to the state treasury   LINK