KTFA (Samson)

Samson: The stock market is trading government bonds worth more than one billion dinars

21st November, 2018

The circulation of the Iraqi market for securities, Wednesday, government bonds and the value of more than one billion dinars.

“The market started trading for today, the second government bonds issued by the Central Bank of Iraq, which will end in April 2019,” Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam, the market’s executive director, said in a statement received by Mawazine News.

And Abdul Salam, that “the number of bonds for the second issue, which was traded on the market for today amounted to 350 bonds and the value of more than one billion eight hundred million dinars.” 

The Executive Director, that “the category of one bond is (five million dinars),” asserting that “this trading is the first of its kind in the Iraqi market for securities.”     LINK


Samson:  Trump’s policy accuses Iran of destabilizing a “fragile democracy” in Iraq

21st November, 2018

US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that Iran is “the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism,” noting that “the Tehran regime is responsible for a bloody proxy war against Saudi Arabia in Yemen

The US president said in a statement that Saudi Arabia is a vital ally in the face of Iran, and that the United States intends to remain a firm partner of the Queen

The US president also accused Iran of seeking to “destabilize the fragile democratic effort in Iraq

Trump stressed that “Iran is responsible for supporting Hezbollah’s terrorist organizations in Lebanon,” pointing out that the Iranian regime has killed a number of Americans and other innocent people in the Middle East   LINK


Samson:  Trump and Putin are racing towards Iraq .. Who arrives first?

21st November, 2018

A few hours were separated between two signals, the first by US President Donald Trump and the second by Russian President Vladimir Putin on the possibility of visiting Iraq. Zawahiri wondered who would arrive first.

The newspaper said in its Wednesday edition (November 21, 2018) that there are strong signals that came back on Tuesday at the same time, confirming the possibility of US presidents Trump and Russian Putin to visit Iraq at the earliest opportunity, but who will arrive before the other, and their goals If they arrived in Baghdad.

The Washington Post reported that US President Donald Trump told his advisers for the first time since taking office that he could visit Iraq and Afghanistan to inspect US troops there.

In a report published yesterday, the newspaper quoted former and former White House advisers as confirming that Trump had so far refused to visit US troop positions in Iraq and Afghanistan, saying he did not want to link himself to the two wars he considered a failure.

Counselors told the newspaper that Trump, during previous meetings on the subject of the potential visit, described the two US military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan as “total shame”

Hours after the news was published, the office of Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi announced an invitation to the Russian president to visit Iraq.

He met with the special envoy of Russian President Mikhail Bogdanov, who handed over to the Iraqi prime minister the invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin to visit Russia.   LINK


Samson:  KRG Minister, US Congressman discuss establishment of Banking System

19th November, 2018

A meeting between Kurdish Finance and Economic Minister Rebaz Hamlan and US Rep. Thomas Garrett (R, VA) in Erbil, the Kurdistan Region, November 19, 2018.

SULAIMANI — Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Minister of Finance and Economy Rebaz Hamlan discussed the establishment of a modern banking system in the Region with US Rep. Thomas Garrett (R-VA) during a meeting in Erbil on Monday, according to a statement by the ministry.

The congressman suggested that the establishment of banking system for the Kurdistan Region would help to the Region to develop economically, the statement said.

Hamlan cautioned that the establishment of the system would require cooperation with the central government and the Central Bank of Iraq.

“The United States should assist [us] in preserving the constitutional rights of the Kurdistan Region’s people and the Iraqi government should send the financial rights due to the Region’s people,” Hamlan said.

The US congressman also met with Chancellor of the Kurdistan Region’s Security Council Masrour Barzani on Saturday.

The two sides discussed religious freedom and the situation of the Iraq’s displaced persons living in the Kurdistan Region, according to a statement by the Region’s Security Council that was posted on its official Facebook page.   LINK

Don961:  In a new offensive, he is willing to see low interest rates

21 November 2018 12:33

Direct: US President Donald Trump said he would like to see low interest rates by the Federal Reserve, as is the latest criticism of monetary policy.

The US president’s comments to reporters as he left the White House for Florida on Tuesday came in response to a question about the state of the US economy and financial markets.

“I think interest rates are too high, I think we have a problem with the Fed more than anyone else,” Trump said.

“I think technology stocks have some problems.

The US central bank has raised interest rates three times this year so far amid speculation of a fourth increase before the end of 2018, in addition to expectations of another three increases next year.

This is not the first time the US president has criticized the Fed’s policy on interest rates.

Trump’s comments coincide with sharp losses in US equity markets that wiped out all gains this year after the Dow lost 550 points by the end of today’s session.

The president’s comments on the interest rate are seen as a rare intervention by a head of state in monetary policy positions   link

Samson:  Parliament completes discussion with central bank governor and board members

21st November, 2018

The House of Representatives completed its regular session held now discussion with the Governor of the Central Bank / Agency Ali Mohsen Alalak and members of the Board of Directors

The House of Representatives, earlier on Wednesday, its 14th session under the chairmanship of Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mohamed Halboussi, after a boycott by the Sunni forces before the meeting, before their retreat  LINK


Samson:   The House of Representatives completes its discussion with the members and members of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank

21st November, 2018

The House of Representatives resumed its discussion with the governor and members of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank during its meeting on Wednesday, chaired by its chairman Mohamed Halboussi.

A parliamentary source told Mawazine News that “the House of Representatives resumed its discussion with the Governor of the Central Bank, Ali Al-Alaq, and the Board of Directors of the Bank.”

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives held its 14th session of the fourth parliamentary session, the first legislative year, the first legislative term, under the chairmanship of Parliament Speaker Mohamed Halboussi.

The agenda of the session of the parliament, the constitutional oath of some of the deputies, and consider the appeals filed on the validity of the membership of some deputies, and discuss the issue of customs points developed.   LINK