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Samson: Sinjar administration calls for joining the Kurdish region administratively

28th December, 2018

The local administration of the disputed Sinjar area called the United Nations and the international community to end the presence of “illegitimate” armed groups there and for the join the Kurdish region administratively.

The administration, in a press conference, called for the implementation of Article 140 of the Iraqi constitution in order to return to the Kurdish region.   LINK


Samson: Deputy proposes a solution to the proportion of the budget if the province does not return to 17%

28th December, 2018

MP from the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), Dana Mohammed, announced on Friday December 28, 2018, the existence of a proposal can go in the issue of the proportion of the Kurdistan region budget for a federal in the case of non-census or return to 17%, while noting the existence of many Of the budget observations need to be adjusted to conform to the government curriculum.

He said in an interview with the “Masala” that “the position of the forces of Kurdistan is clear from the proportion of the budget, where we clearly indicated our rejection of the proportion of 12.67 that was identified by the kissing federal government,” noting that “this ratio was based on any legal basis or An official document or a certified census to be accepted.”

“There are two ways to solve this problem, the first is to return to the previous agreement concluded at the time of the government of Iyad Allawi and the adoption of 17% or proceed with the census and census and the adoption of the ratio, which will represent the population of the Kurdistan region,” adding that “in the absence of acceptance of the previous agreement And the inability to conduct the census, there is an official document issued by the Ministry of Planning indicates that the proportion of the population of the region is 13.9% This makes the proportion of the province budget is 14%.

He pointed out that “in this form it is possible to adopt 14% of the budget until the census,” noting that “there are a lot of observations on the budget, whether from the province or the rest of the provinces, especially Basra and the liberated provinces and all need to modify and deal effectively to get a satisfactory formula for all In line with the government curriculum. ”

The House was completed in its session held on Monday, December 24, 2018 Discussion and reading the Federal Budget Report for fiscal year 2019.   LINK


Samson:  Jump oil prices

2018/12/28 8:28

The price of crude oil jumped about 3 percent on Friday to offset part of its losses in the previous session, but the growth of US stocks and continuing concerns about the global economy kept the markets under pressure.

Brent crude futures rose 2.26 percent, or $ 1.18, to $ 53.34 a barrel at 0219 GMT, after rising by 3.1 percent earlier. Brent futures fell 4.24 percent, or 2.31 dollars, to settle at $ 52.16 a barrel on Thursday. West Texas Intermediate crude futures jumped 2.26 percent, or 1.01 dollars, after rising 3.6 percent earlier. US crude was down $ 1.61, or 3.48 percent, at $ 44.61 a barrel.

On Thursday, oil prices fell to their lowest level in more than a year, a day after their biggest daily gain in two years, under pressure from concerns about the global economy and oversupply.   LINK


Samson:  Survey: Oil prices will reach $ 70 in 2019

28th December, 2018

A survey forecast that oil prices will reach $ 70 in 2019, despite the deterioration that followed the price of crude by the end of this year

A survey by the Bloomberg agency showed on Friday that the oil market will see a tightening in 2019 as OPEC moves to reduce supply and unintended losses in Iran and Venezuela

“The price of oil will see a recovery in 2019 and this will be driven by two factors: the first is reducing OPEC’s exports, which will lead to a reduction in inventories,” said Michel Cohen, head of commodity and energy research at Barclays

The second factor is that next year there will be no further deterioration in economic conditions

The slowdown in global economic growth and trade tensions this year have reduced demand for oil and negatively impacted crude prices

“The global supply and demand will reach a good level of equilibrium in 2019,” said Tran analyst Michel Tran at RBC

The most optimistic outlook in the Bloomberg survey was from analysts at Morgan Stanley and Standard Chartered, which sees the average price of Brent crude at $ 78 a barrel next year   LINK