KTFA (Samson)

Samson: Parliamentary finance holds intensive meetings with the blocks to pass the budget

12th January,2019

The head of the parliamentary bloc of parliamentary blocs, Mohamed Khalidi, on Saturday, the parliamentary financial committee held several meetings this day with the representative of the political blocs to discuss amendments to the budget law, noting the changes in the project lightly and did not affect significantly.

Khalidi said in a statement to the information that the failure to put the budget law on the House of Representatives during the session today is due to give an opportunity for the Finance Committee to hold intensive meetings with representatives of the political blocs today.”

He added that the change in the budget is a little because of fear of falling global oil prices and not to increase pressure on the government,” noting that “the estimate of oil prices at about $ 56 a barrel remained on what is within the budget.”

Khalidi said that the budget law will pass easily during the coming days that most of the political blocs agreed on the current draft and the amendments and transfers of funds.”  LINK


Samson:  America is sending warships towards Syria to help withdraw its troops

12th January, 2019

The United States sent ground troops and a group of warships to Syria to help withdraw its troops from there, according to the newspaper “Wall Street,” quoting sources.

The ground forces on its way to Syria will help pull out US troops, while ships will provide troops if they are in danger, the sources said.

The group was headed by the US Navy landing ship Kirasarj, carrying hundreds of Marines and a number of helicopters.

A US official confirmed earlier that the United States began withdrawing its equipment from Syria, but has not yet begun the process of withdrawing troops.

The unnamed official said the withdrawal of the equipment was part of a process to begin withdrawing troops from Syria.   LINK