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Samson: Al-Hamidi: Financial regulations will be issued to implement the budget

6th February, 2019

The MP revealed the alliance of the conquest of Hamidi Charter, on Wednesday, the intention of the Ministry of Finance to issue executive regulations for the State Departments for the implementation of the budget law, noting that the budget will come into force immediately after publication in the Official Gazette.

“The Ministry of Finance will circulate during the coming days the implementation regulations for the budget on all provinces and different government departments.”

She added that “the financial is the same did not comply with all budget items in previous years and the government parliament to monitor the implementation of the budget in the Ministry of Finance.”

Hamidi said that “the budget and after the ratification of the Presidency of the Republic it will enter into force once published in the official newspaper.”   LINK

2Cents:  So this is interesting to me…..we know yesterday I had pointed out that the article Samson posted did not specifically note that the budget was published in the Gazette….Other articles out and about certainly noted that it had been “published”……

I noted that if published 3 days, the MOF then goes about with procedures to implement which can take up to 30 days based on previous years and therefore we have a max 33 day window…….However, DELTA then pointed out that it was published in the news but not the Gazette……

Now we have this article………the MOF is already going about establishing the procedures for implementation…..it also notes it will enter into force once published in the Gazette…….

This article is from today and confirms to me that it is not yet published in the Gazette as DELTA stated yesterday……It also confirms to me that it will not take the MOF the full 30 days to implement as they are already preparing their instructions for implementation…..

Therefore, if the budget will have the “new rate” as Frank said WS stated, we are much closer than 33 days to see….. All IMO of course


Samson:  Governor of the Central Bank visits the branch of Erbil

6th February, 2019

HE Mr. Ali Mohsen Ismail, Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, visited the Erbil Branch in the Kurdistan Region, accompanied by a delegation of the advanced cadres in this bank, and after an inspection tour of the sections of the branch, the Governor praised the efforts of the associates and the employees in the performance of their duties.

The possibility of developing work to serve banking and banking and financial institutions in Iraq in general and in the Kurdistan region in particular, stressing the importance of strengthening and strengthening the relationship between the public and the Central Bank of Iraq to ensure confidence and transparency and high accuracy in dealing.



Samson:  Iraq and Iran hold preliminary talks on banking issues

6th February, 2019

The governor of the Central Bank of Iran Abdul Nasser Hamti, on Wednesday, for conducting preparatory talks with his Iraqi counterpart. On Tuesday, Hamati arrived in Iraq to hold two-day talks with his Iraqi counterpart.

It is also scheduled to meet with senior political and economic officials in Iraq in the context of the development of economic relations between the two countries. The negotiations also discuss how to pay Iran’s oil money as a result of electricity and gas exports.

For his part, Hamati expressed his wishes to conduct good negotiations in the interests of the two countries due to the positive attitudes of the Iraqi side and the funeral (translation issue) of the President of the Central Bank of Iraq Ali al-Alaq.    LINK

Samson:  Hakim: The operations of the international coalition in Iraq should be carried out with the knowledge of the government and taking into account its sovereignty

6th February, 2019

Foreign Minister Mohammed al – Hakim, on Wednesday, the need to be the international coalition operations in Iraq with the knowledge of the government , taking into account its sovereignty.

“Iraq has been able to restore security and stability in the country,” al-Hakim told a meeting of the international coalition against “Da’ash” and the agency “Information”.

The Foreign Minister, “the need for the operations of the International Coalition with the knowledge of Iraq and with his consent.”  “The security and stability of Iraq strengthens international security,” Hakim said.  LINK


Samson:  Abdul Mahdi told a senior Iranian official that Iraq will not be part of the “sanctions system”

6th February, 2019

Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi on Wednesday that Iraq will not be part of the sanctions regime against Iran and any other people, praising the development of relations between the two countries and the two neighboring peoples.

“Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mehdi today received the Governor of the Central Bank of Iran, Abdul Nasser Al-Hamti and his accompanying delegation,” a statement from Abdul Mahdi’s office said in a statement.

“Iraq has succeeded in defeating the terrorist gang thanks to its heroic championships and the precious blood of the martyrs, the wounded, the sacrificers and the support of our friends, especially the Islamic Republic,” the statement quoted Abdul Mahdi as saying.

“The people of Iraq have suffered from the blockade and are aware of the damage done to the people, and Iraq will not be part of the sanctions regime against Iran and any other people,” he said.

According to the statement, the Iranian official conveyed the greetings of Iranian President Hassan Rowhani and his first deputy, congratulating him on his assumption of the presidency of the government and efforts to achieve stability and economic prosperity, expressing his hope for more cooperation between the two countries, especially in the banking field.”   LINK

Samson:  Sistani: Iraq refuses to be a station to harm any other country

6th February, 2019

The religious authority, Mr. Ali al-Sistani, on Wednesday, that Iraq refuses to be a station to harm any other country, while called to limit the arms of the government and stand against illegal behavior.

Iraq aspires to have good and balanced relations with all neighboring countries and other peace-loving governments on the basis of interests,” Sistani said in a statement to his office, read by Al-Maaloumah after meeting with the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations and Head of Mission in Iraq, Without interfering in its internal affairs or undermining its sovereignty and independence. It also refuses to be a station to harm any other country.”

Al-Sistani stressed the need to apply the law to all citizens and residents without exception and to hold arms with the government and stand up to extrajudicial acts, including assassinations, kidnapping and accountability of their activists regardless of their intellectual and political affiliations.   LINK


Samson:  Iraq’s economy pays Iran $ 2 billion

6th February, 2019

The Central Bank of Iraq and its Iranian counterpart signed an agreement to pay debts owed to Iran on the sidelines of a visit by the Governor of the Central Bank of Iran,Abdul Nasser Hamati, to Baghdad.

A source in the Central Bank of Iraq, “Anatolia”, “The signing comes to find a common consensus to repay the debt.”  The source added that the debts recorded on Iraq in favor of Iran, worth two billion dollars, in exchange for imports of electricity, gas and some goods, during the past years, which correspond to what announced by Iranian Oil Minister, Bijen Zankane, on Tuesday.

Iraq imports 1,000 megawatts of electricity from Iran to reduce energy shortages in the country for years.  It also imports about 10 million cubic meters of Iranian gas a day to operate seven power plants that provide more than 20 percent of Iraq’s actual electricity needs, according to official data.

Both Tehran and Baghdad have strong economic ties, and the volume of trade between the two sides has, in recent years, reached more than $ 10 billion a year and is seeking to increase them, according to official data.  Washington has exempted Baghdad from sanctions against Iran and allowed it to import gas and electric power.

US sanctions on Iran include two packages, the first aimed at blocking the dealings with Tehran by governments and companies, stopping dollar transfers, and blocking the purchase of Iranian currency and a bank ban. While the second package targeted sectors of energy, land and sea transport and petrochemical products.   LINK