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Samson: Today … 60 countries are meeting in Warsaw to form an alliance that will curb Iran’s activities

13th February, 2019

Meets 60 countries in the Polish capital Warsaw on Wednesday, at the peace conference looking to reduce risks in the Middle East and file terrorism in the region.

The United States is seeking to rally the world around its vision of the Middle East during the highly-attended conference.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stressed that the hopes of the United States for the peace conference hosted by Poland Wednesday and Thursday on the Middle East will focus on security and prosperity.

The conference calls for mobile groups and workshops in several countries to consider humanitarian assistance, refugees, ballistic missiles, counter-terrorism and cybercrime.

Washington has confirmed that the Warsaw meeting comes to lay the foundations of forming an alliance, to stop Iran’s destabilizing activities, to fight terrorism, and to discuss the files of the region.

Experts and advocates stress not to raise expectations about escalation with Iran, but insist on monitoring the tone of the final statement, which will chart the scale of the escalation in the next phase.

For its part, the National Council of Resistance of Iran announced the launch of a gathering of Iranian communities in Europe in the Polish capital Warsaw, in conjunction with the conference of Rasu on the Middle East, to shed light on the violations of the Iranian regime and terrorist acts sponsored in Europe.

The assembly, to be held at the Nordway Stadium in the capital, will have the active participation of major international figures, including the former New York mayor and current legal adviser to President Rudy Giuliani, a number of members of the Polish parliament and the Senate, the council said in a statement.   LINK


Samson:  The delegate of Iraq: We call on the international community to include Babylon in the World Heritage List

13th February, 2019

Iraqi government delegate Mohammed Hussein Bahr al-Uloum on Wednesday called on the international community and international organizations to include Babylon in the World Heritage List.

“The Iraqi government calls on the international community and international organizations to include Babylon in the list of world heritage because of its importance of heritage,” Bahr al-Uloum said in his speech during a meeting of the UN Security Council in the session on Iraq and its follow-up.

“The Iraqi government looks forward to cooperating with the international community on most of the issues related to education and education support, as well as development to strengthen mental health services after war affected the terrorist advocate of women’s health.”   LINK

Samson:  The arrest of three of the most prominent currency counterfeits and official documents northeast of Ramadi

13th February, 2019

The security forces in Anbar province, on Wednesday, the arrest of three of the most involved in the process of counterfeiting currency and official holdings in a pre-emptive security operation northeast of the city of Ramadi

“The security forces launched a large-scale search campaign targeting the area of ​​Albu Ghanem northeast of the city of Ramadi, against the background of intelligence information to the existence of three of those involved in counterfeiting currency and official holdings in one of the houses of the target area.”

The source added that “the security forces surrounded the target house and was able to arrest them without any resistance,” noting that “the security forces seized the possession of detainees clones and inks and forged seals for a number of official departments in the province during the search of the target location.”

The source pointed out that “the security forces transferred the detainees to a security detention center while the seized material was handed over to the concerned authorities.”    LINK


Samson:  Iraq froze the resources of the company and two people in Arbil on charges of money laundering and terrorism financing

13th February, 2019

The Committee for the freezing of terrorist funds decided to freeze the movable and immovable property and economic resources of the company Horizon Dubai to mediate the sale and purchase of foreign currency, based in Arbil, on charges of money laundering and terrorism financing

Under a document obtained by Shafak News, the decision also includes the company’s managing director and his deputy    LINK


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