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Samson: Net Bloks reveals the losses of Iraq within one month due to the disconnection of the Internet

2019/11/19 19:02

Company estimated, “Net Blox” specialized in monitoring Internet activities in the world losses of service interruption to the Iraqi economy by about one billion and 358 million dollars during the month of October only. Since the start of the protests early last month, the country has experienced fluctuations in the Internet service.

The government severed the service for long periods of time and then partially reinstated it, with a continuous blocking of social networking sites before returning to disconnect again during the past two days.   LINK


Samson:  Khazali: The change of the presidential system will be a positive factor for the people

21:15 – 06/11/2019

MP Sadikoun bloc Saad al-Khazali, on Wednesday, that the regime change to presidential or semi-presidential will face positively by the people, pointing out that most of the demonstrators demand to meet their legitimate rights stolen because of quotas and corruption.

Al-Khazali said in a televised statement that “peaceful demonstrations were born after the political accumulations 16 years ago.” “Sheikh Qais al-Khazali was the first to call for a presidential and semi-presidential system.

He explained that “most of the demonstrators demand to meet their legitimate rights stolen because of quotas and corruption,” explaining that “the provincial councils and conservatives caused corruption in the country.” LINK

Don961:  Revolutionary Guard begins the liquidation of the revolutionary elites in Iraq .. The death of two doctors and an activist and 5 paramedics

Thursday 07 November 2019

Baghdad – Writings

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Armed militias working for Iran backed by elements of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have begun implementing what was recently agreed in Baghdad on the need to target influential figures in the revolutionary movement and carry out sporadic assassinations in a bid to stop the country’s revolutionary tide, local media reported on Saturday.

These operations began today targeting Dr. Abbas, the medical detachment official on Al-Ahrar Bridge in central Baghdad with a bullet in the heart, at a time when he was trying to convince the government forces to allow them to perform their work as ambulance cadres.

Other reports said another doctor and five paramedics were all killed on Wednesday, November 6, 2019.

Amjad al-Dahamat, an activist in the southern province of Maysan, was assassinated and killed in the Shabana district of Amara by armed militias affiliated with Iran.

Meanwhile, it was reported that the brother of Muntadhar al-Zaidi was kidnapped.

ChrisC:  I have made this comparison before, but I want to draw your attention to what would be seen as the ultimate of stupidity to make the comments that Mahdi made today and then to start shooting people and how this is like Israel leaving Egypt.  Pharaoh didn’t want to keep holding Israel captive, but God kept hardening his heart to make a point that would be remembered for thousands of years for Israel AND the rest of the world.  Same thing is happening here.  I may get this one wrong, but I don’t think so.  In a very short time, the US military is going to give Iran and any of their puppets a barbed wire enema that they will never forget.  The UN said don’t do it, the US said don’t do it and they still went ahead and did it.  Get ready to see something like the Egyptian army and the Red Sea.  Iran isn’t going to just get their hand slapped, they are going to get it cut off.  IMO

Hoosiergirl:  I think Iran is one of the last STRONGHOLDS of the “deep state” and they are working it for all it’s worth.  Yes, there is DS influence in many other countries but many of those are trying to rid them from their nation.  From listening to somebody (not guru, nothing of that kind) talk about 2020 being a very active, dramatic year like we’ve never seen because of soooo much reveal of the corrupt ones and then after that some “golden years” (less chaotic, more peace) I certainly pray that is so.  But I think we have some time yet ahead of us before things settle down.  (not meaning Iraq, but all the corruption the US is dealing with)  So dig in, hold tight and trust the Lord!!! Whew!


Don961:  Khamenei’s defeat is the end of the Iraq tragedy

– One Hour Has Passed

Iran would prefer to get out of Iraq defeated rather than expelled.

This is what the Iraqis will pay. This is because they decided to resist the Iranian project to expand at their expense. It is a difficult choice that Iran will seek to make them pay for before it declares its surrender.

Iranian madness is no longer replaced in the Iraqi daily dictionary. In Iraq, the slogan “Iran by land” has become the symbol. It is the key to recognizing the truth. The reality of the conflict between two wills. The first is the will of a corrupt minority, which sees Iranian hegemony as a safeguard of its interests.

Clearly, there is no possible understanding between the two wills. Therefore, the hope of a settlement that could end the conflict or slow it down is a kind of mirage that annoys Iran because of its suspicion of what it had counted on when it believed that the Iraqi file had been folded in its favor and that it was able to bury historic Iraq under the rubble of the sectarian state. That owes her loyalty.

By surprise, the Iranian regime discovered that all it envisioned as a solid construction threatening the countries of the region was a mock entity and that the corrupt political class on which it relied to normalize its project in Iraq lived in complete isolation from the people it did not know.

Iran thought that it contained the Shiites of Iraq after the new regime facilitated them to practice the rituals of Husseini. But Iran has missed that the call for life lies elsewhere and that the people who wanted it as a human reservoir for the funeral processions are thinking about their lives in all its elements and aspiring to have a free and independent homeland like the rest of the world.

The Iranian regime was shocked that what they call the city of Hussein, Karbala, was the most protesting of their existence. Protesters put up a sign on the walls of the Iranian consulate there that read “It was closed by the people.”

It has become clear to Iran that the Iraqi people hate it. He hates its regime, its Shiism, its project, its militias and the political system in Baghdad because it is subordinated to it and is subject to its dictates.

However, Iran, traumatized by its abhorrence, will not back down from its position, although all the facts on the Iraqi street confirm that its project has become part of the past and that Iraq is no longer part of the Persian illusion empire.

If Iran were wise, it would have negotiated with the protesters through its representatives in Baghdad and ordered them to go out and leave Iraq to its people. This is the best solution and is the only solution that will satisfy the protesters and make them return to their homes. But Khamenei, a blind and irritable ideologue, is considering his expansionist project and not the fate of his followers, who could be badly hurt by popular anger.

It will be difficult to persuade Khamenei that the people he handed over to cry, cry and walk on his knees will triumph over him in defense of his life and the resurrection of his homeland. Therefore, he will remain reckless in his decisions on Iraq until he concludes the final defeat. That defeat would be a prelude to turning the page on Iranian influence in the region.

That’s what the protesters think. Which they seek to achieve. Khamenei’s defeat this time would be like Khomeini’s defeat in 1988 when he announced he had swallowed poison by agreeing to stop the war with the Arabs.

The Arabs    link

Samson:  After Saddam .. Iraqi shoes go against Khamenei and Soleimani

7th November, 2019

In previous years, Iraqis hit their shoes with pictures of Saddam Hussein in anger and insult to the ousted dictator.

Demonstrators in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square are again using their shoes, but slapping banners depicting Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and Quds Force chief Qasem Soleimani.

More angry demonstrations erupted in southern Iraq, where protesters burned the headquarters of parties and militias linked to Iran, and threw Molotov cocktails at the Iranian consulate in Karbala.

The anti-government protests that rocked Iraq last month as a result of economic grievances have been mounting mainly against political leaders. But the protesters also revealed their long-standing dissatisfaction with Iranian influence in the country. The demonstrators targeted Shiite political parties and militias with close ties to Tehran.

The uprising in Iraq and similar anti-government protests in Lebanon pose a threat to key Iranian allies, while Tehran is under increasing pressure from US sanctions. “There is a lack of respect. From Iran to leave our country.”  LINK


Samson:  A prison sentence for a runaway state bank manager has damaged public money by 13 billion dinars

7th November, 2019
The Integrity Commission announced the details of the verdict against the head of the branch of the former branch of the good bank.

In its details of the case it investigated and referred to the judiciary, the Commission’s Investigations Department pointed out that the fugitive convict was formerly the head of the main branch of Al-Rasheed Bank. By organizing transactions for housing loans (one hundred salaries) with non-fundamental transactions and holdings and incorrect endorsement and contrary to the reality of the borrower’s salary.   She added that (2298) transactions were organized for the housing loan with holdings and non-fundamentalist support.

She explained that the Rusafa Criminal Court on integrity issues reached the conviction to criminalize the convict, after reviewing the statements of the legal representative of Al-Rasheed Bank, who requested the complaint against the accused for embezzlement of huge amounts of money, and the ongoing administrative investigation in the Ministry of Finance, including the defendant’s fault, in addition to the minutes of the investigation committee. In the Office of the Inspector General of the Ministry of Finance, and the wife of the convicted escape, noting that he was sentenced to seven years imprisonment in accordance with the provisions of Article (340) of the Penal Code.

The decision included the issuance of a warrant of arrest and investigation against the convicted person while supporting the seizure of his movable and immovable property.  LINK


2Cents:  The IQD is losing value to the point that if 1225 is the “official” Market Rate, we now have another MCP under IMF Rules which would constitute a violation of Article VIII Compliance.  This may be a result of the relatively low auctions we have seen this week.  Note that the Currency Sales jumped back up to 240 today.  Perhaps this increase will bring down the Market Rate.

The Market rate is a direct result of supply and demand of the USD.  If the supply of the USD in the market decreases, the demand increases and therefore the cost increases (IQD less valuable as it takes more IQD to purchase USD)    When  the GOI tried to limit the CBI sales to 75 million per day, the Market Rate went over 1300.  This is why the Currency Sales must remain high until Iraq RI’s.  If the sales don’t remain high, the IQD will devalue as it is currently in the Market.  This is certainly not what I want.

As to the Currency Sales, it appears the CBI has changed their procedures to conduct Currency Sales two days in advance.  I am sure there must have been some announcement to this effect but none have been shown.  This must have been why they conducted two sales on Tuesday to get this new procedure in sync.  I was really hoping it may have been setting the stage for this weekend especially since there is the Holiday of Prophet’s Birthday.

As to this weekend, I strongly believe we are moving on.  There is payroll happening in Kurdistan through Sunday into next week.  The good news is that the Kurds seem to be rushing the distribution compared to their normal habit of holding it for a period.  Baghdad just forwarded the amounts of IQD the other day.   I have always said, the RD/RV will not occur unless the coffers are empty.

I sure hope they are looking at the middle of the month for all to come together so they can finalize the budget under the RD/RV rate (or RI rate if they do it all simultaneously) and forward to Parliament by December as they have stated.

All IMO of course…..


Samson:  The issuance of an arrest warrant for the former governor of Basra and employees of the provincial bureau

2019/11/7 12:46

The Court of Inquiry on the integrity issues of the Presidency of the Federal Appeal of Basra issued an arrest warrant for the former governor of Basra and other staff in the Court of the province.

An official statement to the media center of the Supreme Judicial Council that “the arrest warrant was issued in accordance with the provisions of Article 340 of the Penal Code for the commission of irregularities in the statements of staff of the Basra Provincial Court and training and development courses for 2014.”

The statement added that the former governor “dispatched employees who are not affiliated to the provincial bureau outside Iraq at the expense of the province of Basra and disbursed funds for these statements caused a waste of public money.”  LINK


Samson:  Integrity details the arrest warrants against Anbar Health Director and former inspector general of the ministry

2019-11-07 11:49

The Commission clarified the details of the arrest and search warrants issued against both the Inspector General of the former Ministry of Health and the Director-General of Anbar Health.

In a statement received by the Euphrates News, the FDA’s Investigation Department pointed out that an Integrity Investigative Judge issued an arrest warrant and an inspection against the former Inspector General of the Ministry of Health and his two wives based on the provisions of Article (36) of the Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Law No. 39 of 2015}’. “While he decided to put the sign of seizure of real estate subject to the case, and not to act only by a court of competent jurisdiction, and to prevent the travel of the three accused, and withhold their movable and immovable property.”

It is noteworthy that the Commission had announced earlier this month, the issuance of sixty arrest warrants and recruitment against deputies and local officials on charges of corruption and damage to public money.   LINK