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Walkingstick: Iranian media stunned by Iraqi PM’s compliance with US sanctions

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s comments that his country would abide by US sanctions has taken Iranian media by surprise.

“As a matter of principle we are against sanctions in the region,” Abadi said at a press conference Aug. 8. “Blockade and sanctions destroy societies and weaken regimes.” He added that they are a “strategic mistake” but that Iraq “will abide by them.”

Given Iran’s immediate and unconditional support for Iraq after the rise of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group in northern Iraq in 2014, compared with that of the delayed and conditional support of the United States, Iranian media and social media users were very critical of Abadi’s support of US sanctions.

One official even mentioned memories of the Iran-Iraq War.

Iranian parliamentarian Mahmoud Sadeghi, who is an outspoken official, particularly on Twitter, tweeted, “The Iraqi government, according to Article 6 of Resolution 598 [which ended the Iran-Iraq War], owes the Iranian government 1.1 trillion dollars in reparations for the imposed war [Iran-Iraq War].

The Iranian government, given the restrictions on the people of Iraq, has postponed its demands on these reparations. Now, the prime minister of Iraq, instead of paying up, will cooperate against oppressive sanctions against the people of Iran.”

An article in Russian-funded Sputnik by Emad Abshenas wrote that Abadi, who is still trying to form a government after the Iraqi elections in May, made double-sided comments both criticizing the sanctions and abiding by them in order to attract maximum approval from Iraq’s parliament. Abshenas wrote that during Iraqi elections officials attempt to portray themselves as being bipartisan and independent and there is no country better suited than Iran for officials to use in order to achieve this end, either through indirect criticism or with friendly gestures toward Saudi Arabia, Iran’s regional foe.

Abshenas noted that Abadi visited Saudi Arabia before visiting Iran, despite the closer relations between Tehran and Baghdad.

Abshenas said that Iranians, unlike the Americans, do not incessantly remind the Iraqis of Iranian contributions in the fight against IS, nor of Iran’s support for Abadi’s rise to the position of prime minister The article suggested that Abadi may not only turn his back on Iran but could also one day turn against Iran.

A number of domestic Iranian media outlets also covered Iraqi criticism of Abadi’s decision to cooperate with US sanctions, particularly comments by Iraqi groups who are politically aligned with Iran.

In an article for IR Diplomacy, analyst Mohammad Sadeghi al-Hashemi wrote that Iran “has always been honorable with respect to Iraq.” He asked how Abadi could make such a decision knowing that sanctions will lead to “hunger, poverty, sickness and deprivation.” He continued that Abadi’s support of US sanctions has “no benefit for the people of Iraq.”

Hashemi concluded that Abadi’s statement that Iraq will abide by US sanctions indicates that he is seeking Washington’s approval for the formation of his government after the elections. He questioned why Iraq should stand alone to support these sanctions when Russia, Europe, China, Pakistan and India have all expressed opposition to them.

Seyyed Hashem al-Mousavi, a spokesman for Kataib Hezbollah, a Shiite paramilitary group that receives Iranian support, asked, “Since when has the Iraqi nation become part of the project to sanction other nations?” Referring to the group’s fight against the Islamic State, he said, “We have given blood for the consolidation of the country and we will not allow anyone to encroach upon our independence.”

Echoing similar comments made by Hashemi, Mousavi said, “This is not a [United Nations] Security Council decision that we must submit to.” He added, “Two-thirds of the world is standing with Iran.”

Referring to Iran’s support in the fight against IS and Iranian advisers killed in Iraq by the terrorist group, Mousavi said, “It is not clear who is advising you? Is the reward for goodness not goodness that you cooperate with Iran’s enemies? How will you answer the people of Iran after they supported us with all of their existence? How will you answer the families of their martyrs?”

Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2018/08/iran-sanctions-trump-iraq-pm-abadi-reactions-pmu-isis.html#ixzz5NjfDsMR7

MilitiaMan:  Stunned? Now why would that be? Didn’t we see (Abadi) his election numbers that are below that of the Iranian suck up Amiri? Amiri even is suggesting to over throw Abadi within two months? Enough said, today’s article with Sadr and Abadi back on May 20th, 2018, just sealed the fact that Shiite has hit the fan.. lol The squeeze play is working and the rats are scurrying tonsave face.. Anday late and a massive amount not rial short.. Lol –imo     MM


Walkingstick: The Central Bank receives a quality management certificate in the field of cash management

Date Added 08/09/2018

The Central Bank announced that it has received a quality management certificate in the field of cash management.

“After two years of intensive work to achieve compliance with ISO 9001: 2015 , the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) has obtained a Quality Management System (QMS) certificate in the field of quality management, Cash management “, and thanked all those who contributed to this achievement.

The ISO 9001 standard is the world’s most widely used standard for quality management systems. This standard helps organizations meet customer demand and expectations ,monitor quality and manage operations, improve the company’s services, and develop business performance in various areas.


MilitiaMan:  For a little insight to this which the Central Bank has received.. Well done.. Imo.. ~ Bravo.. I love the detail they are presenting us now.. ~ MM


Manaolana3:  CBI, you’re on a roll! Iraqi banks, global banking institutions, domestic and foreign investors, business community love what you are doing! Thank you Walkingstick for this article!

Walkingstick:  After the collapse of the lira campaigns in Turkey to meet Erdogan’s appeal .. Spend your dollars and get bread for free

In an attempt to apply Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s people to turn their savings from hard currency and gold to the pound to support the economy, business owners in the town of Gilanbinar of the city of Shanli Orfa on the Turkish border with Syria launched individual initiatives to support Erdogan’s appeal.

The owner of a photography shop in the town announced that he would shoot free of charge proves to be converted to gold or dollar, and announced the owner of a bakery that he will give bread free of charge to meet the appeal of President Erdogan.

Entrepreneurs hung banners on the façade of their shops to motivate citizens to sell dollars to banks.

The owner of a shave shop in the town announced that it would be free for anyone who converts $ 300 or more into the pound.

The Turkish president called on citizens to turn their savings in gold and foreign currencies to the pound to support the economy, which is experiencing a crisis with the insane rise of the dollar, which has passed the level of 5 lira.

The price of the dollar reached 5.42 liras, strained relations between Turkey and the United States of America because of Turkey’s refusal to release the American priest Andrew Brunson, who has been detained for two years and recently taken out of prison by Turkish authorities put him under house arrest in the city of Izmir in western Turkey.

The US administration has announced the imposition of sanctions on the Turkish interior and justice ministers responsible for the non-release of Rev. Brunson and prevented them from entering the United States with the freezing of property, if any.


Walkingstick: One U.S. Dollar Will Get You 925,000 Gallons of Premium Gas in Venezuela, Thanks to Crazy Inflation

August 8th, 2018

Gas may be hitting peak highs here in the states. But in Venezuela’s inflation-hit economy, a single U.S. dollar can buy 3.5 million liters – or 925,000 gallons – of gasoline. The government has said it will tackle this insanity with a hike in the cost of state-subsidized fuel. While it sounds like a dream come true for us, it’s more like a nightmare as the country continues to battle the worst economic crisis in modern history.

To sum it up, the country has had five straight years of a brutal recession which has resulted in dangerous shortages of essential goods and hyperinflation of the Venezuelan Bolivar approaching 1 million percent. Things like food and public transit have disappeared from the shelves and streets and President Nicolás Maduro and his government are quickly losing support. Maduro announced plans to adjust the price of gasoline and regulate sales based on an electronic card that provides access to subsidies. To start, the government started a census of motor vehicles.

A liter of 91-octane gasoline currently costs one Bolivar, while 95-octane gas costs six. By contrast, a single egg in Venezuela’s hyperinflation ravaged economy costs 200,000 Bolivars. How backward is that? A dollar on the country’s black market is currently trading at 3.5 million Bolivars.

Experts say the retail price of gasoline covers just between two and four percent of its cost of production. Maduro has kept details of the fuel price adjustment under wraps, but he said that “we are paying to throw it away … we need to move to a rational usage.”

And here’s a twist, Yahoo News reports there has been a decrease in the demand for fuel because 90% of Venezuela’s public transport vehicles are out of operation since there are no spare parts to keep them on the roads.

Venezuela imports 33,600 barrels of gasoline and 36,000 barrels of diesel a day from the United States, according to the US Energy Information Agency. With wages so severely impacted by hyperinflation, it’s unlikely prices will get anywhere near international levels. If they did, however, filling a gas tank would cost a Venezuelan two years of their minimum-wage income.


MilitiaMan:  It goes to show us many things and those many things are being squeezed of thier juice to be healthy and effecive in today’s world..  Man, the timing of the three getting run through the juicer is fascinating.. WS, cause and effect while we wait or just cause? –

Walkingstick:  cause……

SlappySquirrel:  Squeeze play happening in Iran at this very moment too…uprisings happening nightly in almost every major city, rial dropping value (daily), and we have Iraq cutting off ALL financial ties with Iran along with Trump’s crippling sanctions…obviously this needed to happen before the Revaluation and glad it’s being handled and done now… Just not sure why this wasn’t talked about on previous CCS that much as indeed this needed to be handled especially with Iraq cutting the financial ties with Iran…imo…hopefully with this and a newly formed GOI article this will put us into the money…finally…imo