KTFA Wednesday Night Special CC


SPECIAL KTFA Call Wednesday Night 11-22-17

PLAYBACK #: 641.715.3639, PIN: 156996#


A few highlights…

The entire call is Frank’s opinion.

Frank26: On the 17th the WTO got together with Iraq…an informal meeting….We are here to submit to the WTO the final pkgs..they are a commitment to the WTO..

They have more than 2/3 of the two majority votes to get seats into the WTO

All the dominoes are lined up…I see what Abadi has done…Abadi has lined up all these monoliths…reference to Easter Island..

17 to 18 days ago,  Abadi said Iraq is going to have a National Liberation Day…and on the 25th Nov 2017 on a Sat am they would celebrate the Liberation of their country

The big day in Baghdad is Saturday – “BAGHDAD DAY” It starts at 10 AM Saturday Iraq time (11 PM EST Friday night).

IMO On the 25th Abadi will give a speech that will be shown all around the world on every channel…he’s going to tell that Iraq is liberated from terrorism….he will talk to the international world that we are open for international business to come in…….he’s going to talk about chapter 7….he’s going to talk about security and stability……

So many need to hear this speech…T WB IMF US UST wants to hear this speech….they won’t put a penny into Iraq until they hear what they want.

Abadi has worked with the US hand in hand ..he has a reason for all the things he is doing….reason why we have not heard the speech yet….wait for a speech that will change world history

He could change that rate right after that speech

The long line of these powerful companies and entities are telling Iraq to get off of their A** and do it.

Prepare yourself for Saturday…..and Happy Thanksgiving.