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 New Year Upliftment

Hi; Just another soul on this journey of the RV/GCR and Upliftment or as many know it as “Ascension”.

A quick thought on the RV/GCR process; not to discourage anyone;

Since we have not seen this manifest ’til now; it may not occur ’til after The New Year, and for good reason too. Many are aware of the great changes happening within and around us, this RV is part of the whole.

To simplify things, we have good guys and we have bad guys;

Well the good guys want to audit or shut down the Federal Reserve and change the way we pay taxes in this nation called America, so we are not robbed out of our GIFT(to share).

So, if the RV was to occur before December 31, 2015, our GIFT(to share) would be taxed at about 40% to 50% no less.

When the RV is manifest on or after January 1st, 2016 that means the good guys have months or a year to get rid of the Federal Reserve and change tax laws, so at the end of the year of 2016, we pay about 10% tax(or less) on our GIFT(to share).

From Heart To Heart; Forward With Love; KejRaj(KayRy)   Thank You!