In larrykn 

IMF doesn’t force a country to do anything, they just suggest the way to do it so the country will come out with the rest of the world…of course if that country doesn’t do what the IMF suggest then the IMF can refuse to fund that country [I’m wondering if its getting to that point now that the IMF is suggesting to Iraq to add value to the dinar right now.] I think Iraq wants to do that …but they need a suitable conditions and stability in the country first…then you will see a change in the rate…I would love to say they are ready to come out to the world but I just can’t, at least not yet.  I’m not trying to be negative but I just need to see more coming out of Iraq that shows they are moving in the right direction first.   I’m here like everyone else to make money, if I didn’t feel we were going to I would have been going long ago.