In larrykn 

Article: “Iraq deploys 20,000 personnel in Anbar to watch borders with Syria:” IMO this is the reason why the US should not leave Iraq, Isis has lost in Syria and is heading back into Iraq, they don’t want to see what happened before happen again. I think this month will tell us a lot about where we are at and going to be at.

Looks like they are working on the corruption over in Iraq, this is good news. What I’ve been reading is showing they are working on corruption and security these are two of the main things they need to get a handle on. Article quote:  “Iraq has been intensifying the security measures in the western regions to prevent the infiltration ISIS militants fleeing Syria.” This article shows they are working on Security which we need to see if they are going to do something with their currency…this is all good news. When Parliament comes back if they get the laws passed for investors. and banking we will be looking good…IMO.