In larrykn 

I was just reading the imf article iv. that Kaperoni is always talking about, I see a lot of things in there that need to get done and what they want to do…one is they want to reduce to zero the money owed to the IOC’s (international oil companies) they also want to get rid of the MCP, So here is my ? If they get rid of the MCP how can they maintain the buying and selling rates when it’s at 1160…they do the auctions now, using the USD, when that goes away, then what?.   also the big issue I see them having was Isis. That seemed to have put a big wrench into the economy. Seems they are working on that now…but so far I have not seen where they are talking about floating a currency gradually. I see them doing other things gradually but so far and I’m still reading I don’t see that about currency.