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CENTRAL BANKS & GLOBAL RESET 101: [Pt.1] Banks Buying Gold Before the Currency “Resets”

Nov 24, 2021

In the beginning, there was gold………….

In this video I will highlight my insights over the last few years on Central Banks and what is now moving into the Global Reset.

I’ll break down these subjects in the simplest way possible so you can not only understand what’s happening, but also exactly what you can do about it.

How many times can you be lied to if you do not know the truth? My passion is in showing you the facts and data so you can protect yourself while you still can.

Because when it comes to your money, if you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.

Tangible assets are key and so is the right strategy for navigating both the pre and post-reset economy. This is what I’ve been studying for over 50 years and I’m here to show you the truth behind the curtain…