Lynette Zang and David Morgan “We Need a Financial Reset”

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Lynette Zang

POWELL ADMITS ZANG IS RIGHT: What Else Will the Fed Admit to When They Have No Choice?

Nov.30, 2021

I don’t often like to say “I told you so” but, sometimes you just gotta do it!

I have been talking about the reset since 2009 and now everybody is talking about the reset.

I said we were going to get some big inflation, and now Jay Powell admits that Lynette Zang is right! And as for inflation, we had better not talk about it being transitory anymore.

David Morgan: We are in Need of a Great Financial Reset

Palisades Gold Radio:  Dec 1, 2021

Tom welcomes back experienced silver investor David Morgan to the show. David discusses the excessive risk created by the use of margin in markets. Excessive leverage led to the 1929 crash and the great depression. Investors can be wiped out if they are not careful.

David is investigating the excess leverage in the crypto markets. He is concerned that Tether is carrying outsized risks regarding their supposed cash reserves. Diversification is important and you shouldn’t have all your eggs in one market.

David believes the Fed is always behind the curve on the market. All they can do is talk about their future actions but most of the talk is nearly meaningless.

We could have extreme inflation in some assets while other sectors become deflationary. The next war could be cyber-related with severe economic consequences.

At some point, we will reach a psychological breaking point where everyone loses faith in government. When a large enough portion of the population reaches this tipping point then the selling begins.

Markets today are extremely fragile but are backstopped by the Fed. They will continue to work until they don’t and monetary history indicates they won’t end well.

“We just continue to put our finger in the dyke and believe we can hold it forever. Nothing lasts forever. Certainly a corrupt, obscene, elite-run monetary system beholden to the very few… cannot last.

” David discusses the logical way to restructure the system. It’s quite unlikely that this could happen as the political will does not exist. Their ‘solution’ is to create an even worse system of control.

Monetary history suggests that he who has the gold makes the rules. Today, that would put China in a very good position.

David discusses the paper in the futures markets and compares it to the retail market. Most commodity market terms state that they can force delivery in cash.

Lastly, David says, “Appreciate what you have because it’s the key to happiness.”

Time Stamp References:

0:00 – Introduction

0:30 – Leverage Risks

7:45 – Tether & Crypto

10:40 – Powell Announcement

14:00 – Cyber War?

16:00 – Debt Effectiveness

20:10 – MMT & Future Policy

23:30 – China & Gold

27:00 – Silver & Gold Demand

30:30 – Thesis Questioning

34:30 – Crypto & Metals?

36:00 – Measuring Wealth

37:30 – Sentiment & Metals

42:40 – Symposium Thoughts

47:30 – Concluding Thoughts