In Lynette Zang 


Question 1: 1:45 I have my funds in a Money Market with Fidelity.  I just heard the term “interfund lending”.  Could you please explain what “interfund lending” is and will it have any bearing on the cash in my money market?

Question 2: 4:34 Please explain why gold and silver will still have the historical storage of value when silver was demonetized in the 1800s (Germany and others went to the gold standard)?  “Commodity money” of any kind is flawed due to price manipulation; Bitcoin is not, is digitally scarce, and more portable/usable than precious metals – wouldn’t this be the “new gold”?

Question 3: 11:04 I would like to know who funds FHA loans in a mortgage? Is Federal Housing Authority a Federal agency?

Question 4: 11:57 I inherited an IRA.  It is sitting in a Money Market.  I am only 57 and I am told I would have penalties as well as taxes if I closed it out.  Do you have any suggestions?