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Collapse of the Financial & Housing Markets…Q&A with LYNETTE ZANG & ERIC GRIFFIN


0:57 Question 1: You mentioned that everyone needs gold in case a person were to get locked out of their bank account. Now if a person wanted to cash in some gold in order to buy whatever they need if they could not access their bank account. How would a person get the cash without the bank?

8:14 Question 2: You’ve mentioned that the financial system will eventually collapse, my question is what is the likely order of events that will happen next?

14:00 Question 3: I currently have several hundred thousand dollars in the bank from selling my home and I may wait to buy until the housing market corrects. I am very nervous about having it in the bank while waiting to close on a new home. Do you think waiting to see if the housing market will collapse is too risky keeping those funds in the bank?

23:25 Question 4: I was wondering since the Fed hasn’t been audited for a long time what would happen if they did an audit and found out that we don’t have any gold at all?

25:45 Question 5: I still don’t get this… So I have silver and gold at home, I use my silver to barter with, and I would pay my property taxes with Gold, is that what you are saying?

27:50 Question 6: How many ounces of silver and gold is a good starting safety net?