Lynette Zang WIth Q & A times listed

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Question 1: 0:41 During hyperinflation, am I correct that nearly all stocks, ETF’s, and bonds would be near worthless because all stocks and bonds are only redeemable in currency which eventually will have near zero in terms of purchasing power?

Question 2: 4:04 If the government knows that we are all hoarding cash, gold and silver will they make it impossible for us to exchange that at some point. Couldn’t they just say we’re buying back all the gold and it’s going to be worthless, and all your cash is no longer exchangeable at some point?

Question 3: 9:24 Can you please explain how the government ”steals your wealth” during hyperinflation?  How does the higher price on goods and services actually help the government?

Question 4: 16:55 If there is a soon to be collapse of the dollar. Can’t the IMF issue SDRs like they did back in 1979? Or is this a tool that is no longer possible?

Question 5: 20:45 Does a college student stay in school for the next 4 years or is it wise to start a survival plan now before it is too late?

Question 6: 21:53 What about holding other metals like nickel?