MarkZ Short Wednesday Night Update

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MZ: Happy Thanksgiving Eve everyone

MZ: We have a lot of whales moving today guys…..I am really surprised at the number that reached out to me today with notices things are moving today. I got a lot of messages from people who are well connected, whales ect. In 4a and are to be in place for tonight and tomorrow morning and Friday

MZ: This to me is pretty exciting. If banks and paymasters are contacting these whales who are high net worth individuals…..and they are willing to move at this late hour on the eve of Thanksgiving….this to me is fantastic news.

MZ: It tells me that they are taking this seriously….so I am taking it seriously.

MZ: I will have my laptop and phone with me at all times through the holiday weekend guys. If I get any big news and can come on and let you guys know.

Member: that’s great news Mark. We are thankful for this blessing to happen before the end of the month

Member: My palms have been itching hugely all day…..sure hope this is a huge EGG-OMEN!

Member: Mark, the whales moving does that mean they are traveling to locations to be ready to exchange?

Member: That’s what it sounds like to me….

Member: ….Rumor…..on Bruce notes….Why did WELLS FARGO remove lots of emails from their RV email list?

MZ: Earlier this week I was told there may be rumors like that …Guys think about it , when you see bad intel like that….do you think that they are not going to allow millions, big segments of the population to not exchange…you need to put on your thinking caps and think logically. I think it’s bad information. Maybe they want you to panic and sell back your currency…..think it through.  Ignore it……it doesn’t pass the sniff test. Consider it misinformation.

Member: it may have been misunderstood-that quote taken out of context?

Member: Bruce: The number of emails loaded on the Wells Fargo servers had over 2M emails.  The number loaded now is 1,424,000 that are ready to be released.  The paring down of the list from 2M to 1.424M was likely due to those who have been removed due to not being qualified.

Member: Hope the whales get funded soon. This brine shrimp needs a revaluation soon.

Member: RV or no RV, tomorrow is going to be a good Thanksgiving.

Member: I hope everybody has a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow.

MZ: I will do a Friday morning update. No Friday Night update. I will not have a Monday morning update but planning a Monday night update. I will be off Sat, Sun and Monday morning….Watch for me on twitter this weekend. I will tweet first before I come on and stream.

Member: Enjoy time with your family this weekend MarkZ… much to give thanks for!!

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