MarkZ weekend update 10-23-2021

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Member:  Make my bank account Great Again….

MZ: I have one very large church based group that is tied to Tier 3 that is expecting a release of their funds sometime today. All their people are in place.

MZ: At this point I think things are moving. I think there is some truth to the rumors that Dubai 1 and 2 are positioned and ready .

MZ: I am getting a whole lot of chatter about groups over this weekend and the bonds hitting full tilt Monday and Tuesday.  I think we are in the process now and we have started.

MZ: I am very excited about what I am hearing.  Some of the specifics I cannot share without getting somebody in trouble…so I am not going there. Just suffice it to say I am very excited about the chatter I have heard this morning and late last night about the movement.

MZ: Hopefully I will have something different to share with you Monday and Tuesday morning about news on that group. I wish I could share more but it could possibly keep me from exchanging and possibly compromise the group.

Member: I think it’s a drip release…not a shotgun….

Member:  Ed from TG is saying the RV goes by Nov 1st. He mentioned it this morning. Those responsible for making it go have decided a date

Member: I went to my Chase and Wells Fargo yesterday to purchase Dong and guess what? It’s not available.

Member:  did the China dam actually fail this week??

Member: Has China economy imploded yet?

MZ: I have no idea why they are still up and about.

Member:  , I saw that Evergrande made a payment before the 23rd deadline, but they still owe $Billions that must be paid before year end.

Member:  Mark why is the military not stepping in ASAP I don’t understand

MZ: Interesting article one of you shared with me…..”The Global Currency Reset and our liberation from the debt slavery financial system.”  This paints the picture as to why we are having this great event.

Mod: Also:

Member: Raise your hand if you are getting completely exhausted by everything going on tight now

MZ: I think everyone just raised their hands…..but it’s coming so quickly ….and so fast at us.

Member: Will you have a stream tomorrow if you get big news?

MZ: I absolutely will come back tomorrow if I get news from this group

Member:  Thanks Mark all mods and Everyone

Matt at CBD gurus joins the chat at the end….please listen to the replay for his information.

Please listen to replay for all the information

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