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Last night’s post from Zap is an excellent synopsis of where we are.  Link

First, this is the start on Monday 11/2.Iraq has RV’d and yes, the country is broke but if one remembers there has been debt forgiveness and months ago I tried to explain about sovereign bonds that were not generated by the country itself but everyone refused to read and understand.

For months there have been excellent posts as well as conference calls from Landa Global regarding the bonds and prosperity packages which are for real.

Dinar recaps has always posted Zap, Poof and Susan for years. They have gone through the same ups and downs we all have.

I have respected the wishes of xxx in not referencing these groups in the room, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t read the information.

I suggest that we know take a serious look at the material at this time and let the naysayers fade away.
China aka the BRICS Alliance and the Dragon family are in control of this reset as you will read and they have done it quite diplomatically.

Some people will take offense with the information and all I can say is “get over it and fast” before you are left out of the biggest world game changer.

Also, China isn’t going to let the US become totally bankrupt but help us get back on our feet.

I have had it walking on eggshells with this and it’s time to wake up everyone. We should be in the banks this week from today onward.