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The World is going to WIN

Today is November 5th and one of the LAST EID’s for 2015. (According to sources)

Watch what they are doing and what ABADI is saying and doing. If the PM is making promises he can’t keep, the people will rebel.

Realize that Iraq, the US and the entire world need this reset so badly to be able to go forward.

In the last 24 hours I have seen so much dis information around Dinarland and such negativity that I am standing firm on our blessing.

Yesterday on the call, reportedly PM.ABADI has been telling the people of IRAQ that great changes, monetary and worldly will happen by Eid which IMO is today.

Is Abadi going to be caught on the carpet?

Budgets have been signed and opened in both Iraq and US. You have to have rates and asset to go forward BUT both countries are broke but are they as of last month?

Now enter the BRICS Alliance and Dragon family who, thru China’s PM XI is out playing “Santa Claus” moving major amounts of assets to all countries to pay for the RV.

Go back thru this year, you will find debt forgiveness and large ownership of companies that support utilities, ecology and manufacturing structures.

They have put their feet in the world of Banking, creating a new safety net for a world blessing.

Last night, I went lurking around and found some posts by Exogen’s group.

Everything he spoke of is old news for those of us in the know. We have known about the over printing of dinar – you can thank the US, France and the notorious Maliki, a CIA recommendation to take over control of Iraq; a well liked person,who was a US puppet,who decided he wanted a piece of the action – another story for another day.

Last night also, ,Zap makes a post that actually turned on my paranoia and had to sleep on it but after much thought, this also maybe some dis- information.

He talks about Christmas and I thought no way.

No way are we going down another rabbit hole again and repeat a whole 2013, 2014 again.
He talks of electronic problems, email issues, telephone issues, etc.

IMO- Well my answer to this is China has worked very hard with BRICS, Dragon family, IMF and the banking world.

CIPS is up and fully working.

More countries have signed on recently to be protected from a corrupt SWIFT system.

I honestly have been experiencing the same technical issues that ZAP talks about.

I will tell you that my phones were tapped months ago during a time when we got involved with our twitter campaign.

Do you honestly think that China is waiting for a correction of sorts.

CIPS is protected and being watched very carefully.

The spy game is slowly being brought to an end-anyone notice the lack of sanctions lately? It seems that things are being tempered down.

Look at all the prophesied things sort of quiet down. For every Ying there has been a yang (no puns intended)

Do you honestly think we are waiting  for a perfect scenario to release this?


No more games, no more stupidity, no more controls.

Like I have been saying God had a plan – wake up call, a warning to change our ways and if it took the Chinese to do it with lots of outside help …then so be it!

We, the People, now need to stand firm for all Humanity and help clean up this planet Earth, before there is nothing left.