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I read the notes from Frank’s call last night and realized that there is an uncanny relationship between the USD/USN and the IQD/IQN

#1 Both countries are broke and the issues are over printing of currencies and in our case a currency aka fiat currency which has no value since there is no asset behind it.
Dont tell me we have gold since there has been no accounting since 1971 and what little is left will not support our paper that is out there.

#2 The new USN has been at the banks for almost a year and that movement has been confirmed several times. Now,Frank, announces a delivery of currency of low denoms to Iraq.

IMO  They already have the low denoms in circulation, although not successfully, why? because honestly, until you have true value to your own country currency that USD still looks good to them.

Iraq has been trying to get that accomplished but the VALUE HAS TO COME FIRST.

Back in the old USA we are no different with the OVER PRINTING of fiat currency, a philosophy that is about to change.

#3 ASSETS. Now and potential. Who has the gold? This has been the question of the year.
With the release of new found “Gold” and movement around the world; then add some debt forgiveness and a balance or alignment and return to a new gold standard, a worldly gold standard then, perhaps,the people of the world will have some hope for a brighter future.

Iraq’s currency has the best chance of survival due to its potential asset base.

The USD definitely needs some help- enter the addition of gold and other assets like silver and gas and even some oil. Also coal, which China and Europe still use and a little known secret that diamonds are found in coal-a hydrocarbon which can be burnt very efficiently and mined safely.

Watch iron ore- gold is in the ore. Lets say there is a lot of potential in the USA.

#4 Laws and Security.I lumped these together since without laws you will never have a correct balance to in force and protect the people. Both countries definitely are definitely a parallel in this matter.

The difference is that Iraq needs to implement now and we, the.USA,need a major CORRECTION.

WE need to start at home by correcting our laws from top to bottom. Our borders need to be protected and defended but we should be the “home of the free and the brave”. Iraq needs to implement it’s National Guard law as we need to utilize ours more and more.

Our military once was a shining star , but IMO our problem is that it had been utilized as a constant threat, an entity looking for a war, a battle, a provoke or instigator of war aka a being in control.

Yesterday there was a great article about our beliefs in Dinarland.

I have always kept an open mind to all aspects of all Dinar sites. I have been able to extract and digest what I felt was as correct as possible.

Toss in my knowledge through educating myself and being of the age of living thru it and having parents and grandparents that lived it.

Dates and rates are not important now but I will say again,  It’s sooner rather than later.

I saw a post the other day by Bix Weir who basically is waiting for the banks to collapse.
Well,my response to that is it isn’t going to happen . China has actually taken over ownership of the top 5 tier one banks so that won’t happen as China doesn’t want the public to be hurt in a “crash”.

But I liked what Bix said that ” it was time to let it rip”. China seems to be looking for perfection. Well it will never happen.

Yet,China is becoming impatient and I hope that this is our week.

Security has been met. The re-education of Iraq will begin again and all economies will benefit.

The rates are there, Iraq is ready and the World is totally ready.

China met with Singapore this weekend with 2 powerhouses destined to set the Far East markets and trades on fire. Sounds like Kurdistan and Baghdad remaining partners but perhaps separate as regions.

I hope this makes sense cause I am tired of this like everybody else but I signed on till the end!