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What are we truly waiting for? 

I wrote an article before this one and I trying to process all of this.

First, when will it stop…..the waiting for our blessing?

Yes it has been a should have, could have and didnt.

Look at it this way, there are no holds at this point. I honestly don’t believe Iraq is waiting for the new currency. They already have some. They have been doing a bait and switch with their people to get them to use their new currency for months BUT it didn’t work – no reality rate!

Also they are using the USD which in reality is worthless but they won’t understand that. This is one reason to get the dollar of the streets.

The government stopped the dollar flow a year ago when the Kurds used Yuan and Rubles to pay for oil and other imports.

Well, we in the US are in the same boat with useless fiat paper although this will be harder to explain to the general public but  (When the new TRNs are released) the old currency will be destroyed as it comes in.

We will start to see more coinage with higher value as well as Iraq. A fair share of countries already using coins for 1.00, 2.00, 5.00 and higher.

Are we waiting for a market crash; or a banking crash like in Greece?  I’m going to say “no”

If you have noticed that everything that was prophesied to happen has been more of a warning or tempered down but by Who?

It is only a guess that China, the BRICS Alliance and the Dragon family have had something to do about this but are we still due a final “warning” which has yet happened?

Check of security and laws but still a lot of corrections still ahead.

Is there a truly a “perfect time”.  The world will never be perfect, at least not in my time or will it be?

We need to stand firm for we are so close, IMO  it can’t be stopped!


I know Zap used 12/15 as back wall, I’m saying no. China is rolling this out too slowly striving for perfection as to not hurt anybody…… but we are all survivors. Martha