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I spent all day, Sunday, 11/8 trying to figure out what the hold- up was. I read the sites, was sent updates but nothing made sense.

No one is blocking this great blessing and it seemed there was nothing left to be done.
Be thankful that China said enough and got the religious community of Iraq to make a major ultimatum to get it done.

We all realize the undertaking involved and yes, in October it should have been done but more signatures were needed. I told you that PM XI was acting like Santa Claus and it is my understanding that he is also forgiving debt as well.

So, now we go forward to completion for this week. The world will never be perfect,
although thru the process it has been attempted so much it is time to just let it go.

Again, I thank all that brought this together and hopefully it will be done sooner than later. (and not xmas or 2016 or 2017!)

P.S. Even Zap is on the same page for the moment.