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Today, being Veterans Day, it is a day of reflection and memory of those who fought and continue to fight but for what? For wars that were not our business? For wars that were started by us for control and greed? For people who say they are Americans but aren’t?

Ask our current military who they are fighting for and watch the answers you get.
The US is still looking for another war; another way to exploit our military, another other way to finance their pocketbooks. When does it stop?

I received an article this morning from Preston James, who tells what I’d going on in our Pentagon right now. We have all heard the term: a shadow government well there is a major rally going on in an attempt to “over throw/take back” the Constitution as well as the government for the people.

China, the BRICS Alliance and the Dragon family are not our enemies. IMO They are the world saviors of FREEDOM. By cutting the money flow to those who want total control and keep us all in bondage, they have created an equal footing for all countries.

Look around at the elections that have been held so far this year. Look at how Family control has dwindled down to just a few and soon they will vanish as well.

Most will forget this all in a few days for the GCR  is truly about to happen.

There will still be those who won’t accept the truth and I feel sorry but if you are a true Patriot you will help do something about it if only in a small way.

Look back in history, understand the current times and plan for the future. There is still a lot of work and education and communication to happen yet.

I’m sending the Preston James is quite lengthy but it is an excellent read.

I wasn’t going to do the Chinese number thing again because everyone was burnt out on it, BUT here we are with another master number which is a starter by ONE, creation was started by ONE and so on. (I won’t go thru it again).Also look at all the possible 8’s, 7’s and 5’s, all lucky Chinese numbers.

Bruce made very strong references to the number 11 not only date but time. He also had made reference to Veterans Day as a possible great way to honor our Vets with their  being able to exchange at the banks.

IMO China is holding true in “saving” a sick world suffering from greed, hatred, and control. It is a wake- up call for all of us to create change for the betterment of the planet earth.

Today should prove to be very interesting. Bruce mentioned the possibility of a Veterans Day call tonight and we await THE call from Tony.

One final thought. When this happens, the naysayers in Dinarland will be forgotten as negativity has no place in a positive direction we are headed for. As Freeway Bill said “Wake up America “.

Keep your fingers crossed and thank your lucky stars for China.  Martha