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The year 2015 has been determined to “our” year. Since January we have hit dates that should have been but we’re not for various reasons. I was told that by April all would be completed and in fact on April 22nd it should have and in the history books this will be the official date of Iraq’s RV.

Then coming forward we find out there was a 3 month extension.

Now add worldwide drama, political manipulation and general finger pointing we came to July, August and September. We followed dates, holidays and calendars of ALL people. We delved into history, present time and started looking to the future. I know that everyone is sick of looking at the numbers but I think we need to look at Thursday 10/22/2015.

The Chinese take numbers very seriously as well as astrology and horoscopes. That being said the number “22” is the ultimate master number. It is made up of multiples of “1’s ” and depending on position of the ones can mean birth and re birth.

It is a sign of completion; a master has control of his destiny as well as being a great leader. He is methodical in what he does and definitely knows how to do it.

PM Abadi definitely fits this mold for his country. He has something that no one has been able to do in a very long time. He is a true diplomat, business man and knowledge and leadership skills ate what this country needs to bring it into 21st century.

Well, the 22nd is also a 6 month anniversary of the RV. It is another completion and a ? Start for us to go forward with Iraq and the rest of the world into a better 21st century. Remember, now who is in control of this – the man up above, the ultimate master, the number ONE and a little help from the Chinese.

Also, look at all the 5’s, 7’s and 8’s which are all “lucky” numbers dealing with money, wealth.

And to my old and dear friend TK, maybe this time you will be right. And to Tony and Bruce, who are on the “same page” in the play book, this is our week. Also remember, Wednesday night here is Thursday in Iraq.