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I listened to Bruce’s call and wrote comments at end but I have a strong feeling about 11/22 as a completion for everything and an announcement of a return to a gold standard on the anniversary of JFK assassination.

I could be wrong but it seems so appropriate.

Also I never realized that Friday the 13th was called Black Friday.I thought that was shopping day after thanksgiving! Well I learned something new.

I hope today is a start for the bank.

Why Friday the 13th Is a Very Lucky Day, Indeed!
Friday 13th – 7 of the world’s strangest superstitions – BT

Now this article talks about 13 but it is #4 that is bad! Maybe we won’t be at the bank today. The Rothschilds and the Federal Reserve

I found this, this morning and got nauseated when I read this. What is wrong with this world?

This power source needs to be stopped and China is trying…   Martha