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11/15 may be our start.

Do you remember that Tony mentioned that those in Iraq had mentioned the 15th.

Now I find an article from Iraq Business that gives a cut off/sign up date for 11/15.

Bruce mentions the UN operational rate sheet.

Pay day is usually first and 15th of a month.

Add the fact of private group being paid on 11/15 and Zap saying on Wednesday ….next week.

Yesterday the IMF introduced the Yuan to the basket before 11/30. An article dated 11/4 stated in the next few weeks BY the 30th.

We already knew the basket was moving since by intel we heard the Remnibi was being traded as it comes east to west.

11/15 is a business day East to west. Iraq’s banks and stock markets will be open.

Tonight I beleive the forex goes down till 5 pm on Sunday.

Let’s see how this plays out.

All I will say about Paris is that it will not stop the RV but it is a sad distraction.