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I spent a quiet day watching the aftermath of the Paris bloodshed and even the train crash. What a terrible distraction, but IMO it will not stop the RV.

IMO It has actually created a solidarity of countries banding together to destroy these so called religious fanatics called DAESH, a re-introduced term by France, England, and the USA.

Today is 11/15/2015 and hopefully the start of the final push to the RV. Perhaps this is the weekend that Bloomberg eluded to for the GCR.  Link

But no matter what, China is in control of this venture at this point.

The banks have been “fixed”; the financially “broke” countries have been built up with “sovereign ” bond money, some debt forgiveness and movement of historical assets  (gold) to create a new balance of wealth.
Yes, Iraq is the lynch pin and for various reasons ….but the best part is that this country…. the financial playground  of the US was able to create a new government for the people by the people in a country that was divided by religious sects and over run by ISIS, a term related to their territory which no longer holds true!

If it weren’t for the BRICS Alliance and the Dragon family we would all be still sitting here waiting…just like the last 3 years.

I can say that things are going to move fast, so be prepared.

But also remember what it took to get here; the wars; the greed, and the need for total world control by families that need to be stopped.

There is still a lot to be done…. but with taking over the control of the financial system it is the start of cutting their bloodbath and power.

On 11/22 is the anniversary of the assassination of President John F Kennedy.

A death that has been surrounded by conspiracy theories but in reality it is the fact he was ready to expose the “banking families “, the plan to break down the Federal Reserve and re institute a gold standard.

This is exactly what the BRICS Alliance and the Chinese dynasty are doing and a perfect time for an announcement. Also on 11/22 it will be the 7th month anniversary of the Iraq’s real RV.

Lucky number 7. Could it be they finally got it right?( just joking)

11/22/2015 is inclusive of the master# 22; multiples of the number ONE. I know you have had it with numerology but this number is a truly an ultimate number, a birth and rebirth, a sign of completion and the person who holds these numbers is allegedly in control of his/her destiny.

I have always said that PM Abadi is the true leader of Iraq and has taken the country out of it’s war torn status and brought it back to life for all it’s people.

Remember the road he has traveled. With the support of all religious leaders, PM.ABADI will take Iraq into a new Era of peace.

Enclose that article on DAESH. ISIS uses Iraq in its title which is at this time a misnomer since they are almost out of northern Iraq.

UN operational rate

Well,the rate sheet was 11/11 for 11/15 and there are no changes….or are there?

Realize that at anytime there is a change it will be posted. Look at other countries;

Also IMO we are looking at old currency, not new except maybe Mexico,  Afghanistan and some lesser known countries .

ZIMBABWE is still not listed…. BUT look  under China ….it is not showing the yuan but the Rembindi.  Prior to this it was showing side by side.

In checking the list of currencies in the first basket, the yuan is in it.

I would not be concerned at this point that there are no significant changes.

There are some odd dates showing based on review. On other observation is that the Euro is a floating reserve currency. Also, the USD is due for review on Dec 20th.This will be the 20th year since last review. I wonder where it will be?