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First of all,we are beyond a so called “push of a button “.  I have heard that the RV for historical purposes will be 4/22/2015.

Now, we need to still look at “NUMBERS”. The IMF and China, the BRICS Alliance with the Chinese dynasty play very heavy on numbers, horoscopes, dates, and months and years.

This year we have looked at Gregorian, judaeo, Arabic calendars;  lunar positions, the planets as well as horoscopes.

The numbers 11 and 22 are master numbers and depending on position are indicative of birth and rebirth; control of their destiny, leadership and so on. 11/22;is the 7th month anniversary of the Dinar Rv. Lucky number 7. Number 8 is another luck number and number 5 fits the same mold for cv luck and money. The number 29 which is eleven is related to money movement in the Arabic world.

All right so where are am I going with this?
Every month since Jan. 2015, the RV has been setting up in this manner and since April, with the addition of months and let’s say legitimate excuses, we have continued down this path

I discussed all this in previous posts. We have been loaded with should have beens; could have beens and just forget it’s.  BUT this time, things are truly different. This time, the buck stops here IMO.

Now I am going to disagree with a statement as to who is running the show. Let’s be honest, it is not Iraq, nor is it the USA anymore.

Answer me this. Who has the most financial control as a group? Who has created a way to salvage a sick financial system? Who is trying to create a new gold standard for the world and instituting a new balance for all countries to hopefully live in harmony.

CHINA and the BRICS Alliance and the Chinese royals.

OK so now what is going on.

Well, the intel went silent, but, we do know a couple of things.

There are privates being done and bonds being verified. Zap wasn’t too forthcoming except to say RV IS NOW.

Tony’s call and also Bruce’s call had some clues. Yes, it is at any moment but Tony added one other thought about Saturday /Sunday 11/21/22.

I had previously discussed this, especially with the anniversary of President John F Kennedy’s assassination and the reasons for it and the correlation to what the new financial system will accomplish.’

Okay, the next question would be is do we go before the date or start after the date? All I will say is that IMO this should be completed in 10 days or less and if the true start date was 10/11 or even 10/15 then we would be done on 10/21 or 10/25 – in time for our “black Friday.

Are we waiting for Dec 2015? No, although some will start after 12/1.

Are we waiting for 2016? No

Are we waiting for Nov 30th IMF vote? No-it’s a done deal and the vote is a formality. The yuan/remnibi is a done deal

Are we waiting for the crash of USD? I don’t think so since we  have miraculously  turned asset backed (hint hint)

What about bail-ins? We have been told the derivatives have taken a hike and there are new controlling interests in the top 5 tier one banks in US as well as Deutsche Bank, Bank of England and Bank of Israel.

All this info has been around Dinarland for months. Every group and many intel providers has provided this intel that when pieced together has helped to bring it all together

You got to admit this has been one big lesson in economics and history.

Treasure it for your children. You are all part of it. You are all part of the change for a better way of life. Believe me we are there.

No dates or rates but just a synopsis based on past data and what should have happened but didnt.

One additional correction…The UN operational report had a cut date of 11/11 for the 13th of November and remember that changes can be made at anytime during the month if need be.

What is interesting on the new sheet is the Yuan is gone and the Remnibi is in its place. Going backwards it had been hyphenated. Also the rates for euro are fluctuating yet USD is fixed. The last review was 12/20/1995.If we are in 5 year cycles for review, guess what is due this year?

Also I am hearing the second basket will not have the USD, and yu will notice that  Zimbabwe is not on the list yet, but perhaps these changes will show the end of month – Dec 1st.

One of these times we will get it right.