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IMO…. Right now this is a “bank” event worldwide.  IMO The financial world is going to be shocked on 11/30!!  For more than one reason. Hint hint.

I see everyone focused on the forex, and I’m going to play devils advocate and say the rate may not show publically till the 30th, and that on Dec 2nd it will be 48 hr window for Iranian rial.

According to info I have received….Remember we are PRIVATE NOT PUBLIC ….The rates are being reported as “ great” and at this point why wait would we wait to exchange. (in case the rates go higher?)

The 30th is Monday and if you want to wait, it’s your choice but I personally want to get in and out as fast as I can.

IMO Come the 30th everyone will know. Also, in the info I received, was the possibility of 2 sets of 800# for those who missed the first.

Also right now we are in a Tuesday -Wednesday -Thursday scenario and let’s not forget Thursday this week! It may be our holiday but it is also a good time to reflect on our roots and for family to come together.

Chart: How to read the greenback’s moves

The financial world is going to wake up one morning and realize that hedging bets like in Vegas doesn’t fly anymore.

We are hearing The USD is not going to maintain it’s solid 1:1 value out of the country.

The value will float like the euro and If we are not careful it will drop in the US as it is already costing more for items due to inflationary value.

It is time to knock it down but not at the expense of the common person like you or me.  IMO